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What's the nautilus X like?

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honeyblossom2 Wed 26-Oct-16 19:55:22

I currently have a mini nautilus and in need of a second tank due to dropping mine. Had a brand new spare as backup.

Can anyone tell me how they compare? I keep looking to buy but is says vaping from 14w and I'm currently only on 12.

Are the tops compatable with both as they look a little wide in comparison.

Thanks in advance

PolterGoose Fri 28-Oct-16 07:44:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stoneagemum Fri 28-Oct-16 07:51:29

I'm the opposite I bought one a few weeks ago and I really like it, the top fill and coil change is so much easier than the nautilus mini.

honeyblossom2 Fri 28-Oct-16 11:10:27

I was also looking at a mini triton aswell.

I'm really conflicted as looked on Amazon and the reviews really vary.

It's a shame the mini nautilus isn't a top fill with air holes at the top too as mine seems to be leaking a bit.

Maybe the mini triton is the way to go if you can mix and match coils, that's a bonus.

I was drawn to the X as I love the limited edition tank it's just lovely

PolterGoose Fri 28-Oct-16 11:46:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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