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healthy living

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Xdzsamir Sat 17-Sep-16 22:15:27

I eat healthy I drink only water, exercise regularly but I smoke,I tried to give up many times but IM such a loser.

Dontneedausername Sun 18-Sep-16 10:46:21

Have you thought about vaping smile so many of us in here have quit with vaping sad

Dontneedausername Sun 18-Sep-16 10:46:45

That was supposed to be a smile at the end, not a sad!!

Xdzsamir Sun 18-Sep-16 14:54:16

Thank you, yes I've tried vaping I used it a lot but didn't give me the kick

PolterGoose Mon 19-Sep-16 12:49:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Xdzsamir Mon 19-Sep-16 17:32:59

I'LL give it a go again definitely I'LL increase nicotine intake, I've tried 6 mg wich Might've been too low .
I really appreciate your advice end I will let you know how it goes 🙋

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