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He's sneaking in fags

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Blink1982 Sun 21-Aug-16 21:57:46

So we've quit smoking and been vaping for about three years. We are on about 1mg nicotine in our juice. Dp has recently started to try and sneak in real fags when he's been drinking. He tells me he gets them from his brother, and doesn't buy them. He clearly bought a full pack today because only one was gone after he drunkenly tried to quietly sneak out the back door.

I don't know why I'm extremely angry and disappointed with him. But I am, I'm fuming. I don't even want to go sleep in the same bed as him tonight.

I think I should up the nicotine a while for him see if that helps. (I've also hid the 9 fags)

PlentyOfPubeGardens Mon 22-Aug-16 08:36:15

I can understand why you are diappointed but really, upping the nicotine 'for him' and hiding his fags will get you nowhere. He's an adult.

Can you not have an honest conversation with him, suggest he ups the nicotine and let him be in charge of his own quit attempt?

Blink1982 Mon 22-Aug-16 15:39:31

I make the juice that's why I said "I'd " be upping the nicotine. Spoke to him this morning and he said I should do it. He's been using juice with zero nic which explains a bit I think. I got my revenge on him making me angry by leaving the tea bag in his tea this morning 😁

PlentyOfPubeGardens Tue 23-Aug-16 09:21:50

Ah OK, that doesn't sound so bad. I'm sure he's disappointed in himself too. This is why I have completely no interest in lowering the nicotine - sooner or later I know I'd relapse.

Good luck to your DH!

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