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Mini Nautilus is gurgling

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lazybones77 Sun 07-Aug-16 00:48:16

I've changed the coil and put new liquid in but it's gurgling and I'm getting some of the liquid in my mouth when I inhale. I've taken it apart and dried the various parts but it hasn't made a difference. What do I do now? The liquid obviously comes into contact with the burner but surely it shouldn't be in the mouthpiece.

magimedi Sun 07-Aug-16 08:19:07

Unscrew the nautilus from the battery & take off the mouthpiece.

Hold a cotton bud in the mouthpiece hole & gently blow through the air hole.

This usually works for me.

Lots of tips HERE

lazybones77 Sun 07-Aug-16 09:54:36

Thanks very much.

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