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eliquids shelf life?

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DancingHouse Sat 23-Jul-16 10:37:38

I gave up the real cigs over 18 months ago and went a bit overboard with stocking up on the liquids - I wanted to try them all.

Anyway, I actually gave up the vaping about 6 weeks after I started (and stayed of the real cigs too!) but after all these months I suddenly wanted a smoke again so I've dug out my old kit and juice so I don't go for the stinkies.

I know some juices need a bit of a steep and darken in colour over time, but how long do juices last in the cupboard? I've got a custard which was a nice light caramel colour when I first bought it but now is very thick muddy almost black. confused

BeezerBubble Sat 23-Jul-16 11:27:06

Looking at two different brands of eliquid they both have best before dates of two years. HTH

AmandaK11 Tue 26-Jul-16 10:51:31

Doesn't it have the expiry date listed somewhere? I am not expert on the matter, but 18 months seems far too long to me.

DancingHouse Wed 27-Jul-16 18:40:23

Most of them don't have dates and I think one of them has leaked cos they all have smudgy labels.

I've been using a Grants custard for now which seems ok but I'll probably throw the rest and start again.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Wed 27-Jul-16 20:01:47

After the expiry date the nicotine level can go down but apart from that there's nothing much degradeable in there. They darken and the flavours tend to improve, if anything.

FurryDogMother Thu 28-Jul-16 10:56:37

When I returned to vaping after a 2 year hiatus, I was using my old juices - some home mixed, some bought - which were all over 2 years old - they seemed fine, although I've now stocked up with more recent juices!

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