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Going for it

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lazybones77 Wed 06-Jul-16 02:32:07

I've bought an aspire premium kit and some mint liquid and have started the process of giving up. I love my cigs and love the taste of the tobacco. Just looking for a bit of encouragement and support while I try to give up. I've not gone all out and still haven't cigarettes to keep me going but I'm managing 1 cigarette to every 4 I used to smoke beforehand. Will I ever be able to give up completely? Last time I tried, with patches and an inhalator, I managed 6 weeks. I've tried vaporisers before but didn't last. Any tips for stopping buying cigarettes and just using the vaporiser would be great. At the moment I'm congratulating myself for only going outside for a smoke every 3 hours instead of every hour. Will it get any easier? Will I ever want to not smoke cigarettes??

lazybones77 Wed 06-Jul-16 02:34:32

For a bit of background, I'm nearly 40, first smoked at 12 and properly started at 18. I've only ever tried completely giving up once and that was my 6 weeks on patches and an inhalator at about 34. Help me!

magimedi Wed 06-Jul-16 06:44:32

You will be fine. Many of us who have given up the fags 'dual fuelled' for sometime. It was 3 weeks for me & 6 months+ for some people who could found it harder to give up the last fag of all.

Concentrate on the fags you haven't smoked.

How many fags were you smoking a day? Are you on the right strength of liquid? Most people who were on 20 a day find 18mls the right strength to start with.

You might also want to play around with different flavours - go to your local vape shop & they will normally let you sample a few.

Good Luck! I gave up nearly 4 years ago having smoked got 40+ years.

lazybones77 Thu 07-Jul-16 02:07:19

Thank you. I know it's really early days but I'm super proud of myself. Instead of 15/20 a day I've had 6! Even when I have one, I don't enjoy it. Thank the Lord. It's looking good. I always loved smoking and it's really the £10 a pack that has made me try something different. Long may it last. The vaporiser is definitely better than going cold turkey or using patches.

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