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I think I got over-sold at a vape shop

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MassiveStrumpet Sat 28-May-16 18:39:14

I've always used an eleaf iStick with a mini nautilus. I've had probably a half dozen of these set ups (lost some, broke some, still have a couple). My outfits are on their last legs and yesterday I was travelling on business when my ecig acted up. It was after 5pm and I raced into Maidstone town centre to a shop that was still open.

I ended up in a really hip "vape lounge." I asked if they had the eleaf/mini nautilus and they said no. All they carried were more advanced, shiney new options. So they showed me something boxy with buttons and I thought "OK" then they sold me a tank... and then I started to sense that something was different. All the tanks were different from what I was used to (very wide mouths.) They didn't have anything like the nautilus or even a small clearomizer. Then they told me that these tanks couldn't use the regular juice. They had these lovely gourmet juices. Well I buy dekang menthol medium strength by the box. I was told that I couldn't use those juices as they were too strong. Instead of 18mg I was sold 6mg.

I bought a really nice flavour and happily used the new set up. But I had to google to understand what all this was... apparently, this is sub-ohm vaping. And while it's pleasant I am not sure if it suits me. I realised that the point of sub-ohm vaping is to get as much vapour as possible. It's sort of fun when I'm sat on the sofa but I'm not sure I want to be puff the magic dragon when I'm out in public. I manage to vape in lots of places you're not supposed to - including Wetherspoons and on quite a few flights. There's no way I could get away with it if I'm making huge clouds!

Also, I'm not keen to buy fancy juices when I'm used to using the same flavour of dekang at a very reasonable price.

I'm going to replace my preferred setup via Amazon so it's not a disaster. I think it may be nice to use the high-power thing while sat at home and take the old-school set-up when I go out.

But I wonder why I was upsold so hard? I'm considering calling that shop and asking them if they ONLY sell sub-ohm equipment. I didn't know what to call it at the time but I did try to ask if they didn't have anything like what I was used to. They just sort of waved it aside and I think they said that no, they didn't.

Come to think of it when I last went to my regular shop in Manchester they no longer sold the eleaf or the nautilus and were talking about these really high-power things that make massive clouds. They still sell the dekang by the carton (which is why I was there) but they also sell the fancy expensive juices that come in little brown bottles with eye-droppers.

Are shops just pushing these now? Do they all assume that everyone wants to make huge clouds? To me, vaping is just a nicotine delivery system. Clouds can be fun in some situations but I would rather not just be sold a whole new system with different requirements and - very importantly - can't use the sort of juice that I can find in an off-license at 11pm when I realise I've run out.

Shouldn't the shop have recognised what I used and explained what was going on?

I'm being totally unreasonable but I'm still irritated!

PlentyOfPubeGardens Sat 28-May-16 20:15:37

You're not being unreasonable but I wouldn't blame the individual shop. I was out with Allergic in Gravesend today and we had a discussion about exactly this problem.

There has been a big shift in 'vape culture' over the last year or two - the cool and trendy young things, especially the men, are all sub-ohming, lung inhaling and getting through gallons of low strength, high vg liquid to blow Big Clouds. The market has shifted to cater to them.

It's good in a way if it encourages younger smokers to switch but it does leave lots of us high and dry who want to vape mouth-to-lung - like we smoked, who want to vape more discreetly, who value the throat hit and flavour carrying properties of PG over the Big Clouds from VG. It is getting harder and harder to find low power kit and juice suitable to use in it. My fear is that older smokers especially will be put off switching if this is the only alternative available.

At least the battery you bought should be OK with your usual tanks - all the ones I've seen dial down to more sensible power levels.

RoseDawson Sat 28-May-16 20:22:45

YABVU for sneakily vaping on flights. If you can't last that long without it then don't bother flying fgs.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Sat 28-May-16 20:30:24

What are you worried might happen if someone stealth-vapes on a flight, Rose?

MassiveStrumpet Sat 28-May-16 22:11:53

I'm not going to argue about the right or wrong of it. My point is that I've learned how to vape so discreetly that nobody has ever noticed, even people sat next to me in crowded coach sections of about a dozen airplanes.

MassiveStrumpet Sat 28-May-16 22:12:50

... and I can't be stealthy with massive clouds of vapour!

MassiveStrumpet Sat 28-May-16 22:19:03

plentyofpubes that's good news about being able to use the battery.

I'm glad to know that I'm not crazy... There's a definite shift in the culture. I can still get what I want online but I hope I don't get caught off guard in an emergency again!

PolterGoose Sun 29-May-16 08:02:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MassiveStrumpet Sun 29-May-16 09:59:47

I am not fussed with the tank. I've bought another exact copy of what I've always used on Amazon. With bits and bobs of old kits and the new one I will be OK (I like the metal cage instead of the plain pyrex tank and I have a couple of those... I think it's the base/screw bit that has gone on them.) I will figure out how to power down the new battery to an appropriate level. I still have a few old batteries - getting a bit tired but still work. I'll just recombine all my gear and carry on.

And I'll use up the fancy juice I bought with the sub ohm thing at home in front of the telly before using that battery for my usual tank.

In the end I'm only out the cost of the new tank.

Oh.. Also I discovered after I'd started to pack to go home the next morning that somehow the guy had accidentally put a big sample botte of a glazed donut flavoured juice into my bag. (I didn't put stuff in the bag, he did. And I didn't notice him doing it.) Like 60ml worth. I was departing early in the morning so couldn't have returned it even if I'd been arsed. So I guess I'll use that all up. Maybe I'll occassionally play about with fancy juice and pretty flavours.

It annoys my family, though. My husband said that he never noticed my usual stuff and this fills the room and everyone can smell it!

MassiveStrumpet Wed 01-Jun-16 07:18:15

Yesterday I went to my usual Arndale shop. I had a bunch of broken, stuck and spare bits from various nautilus tanks I've bought over the past two years. The girl helped me unstick things and identify what was what so now I know what I have and both of my tanks are working fine again. Plus I've ordered two new ones. I learned that I should be soaking and cleaning things once in a while.

I'm using a new mini nautilus and it's really just a perfect MTL tank. I guess it's hard to innovate on the MTL thing since perfection has been achieved.

I also got a few new coils for the sub ohm tank. And I bought a few new flavours to try out. I have decided to enjoy it a bit when sat at home.

Something I've realised is that I've been doing lung hits for a while already... I just open my mouth slightly to increase air flow when using my nautilus. I think I may like the cleito but it does seem slightly spitty.

MassiveStrumpet Wed 01-Jun-16 07:22:08

Oh, I meant to add that when I went in she was selling a quality starter kit to someone and demonstrating how to fill the tank, etc. I guess they haven't lost sight of the more basic market. They do still sell plenty of that sort of kit and they had a couple of nautilus tanks on display.

I've just learned about the new regulations and I'm going to be buying a few more tanks and sleeves just to be prepared. I like a large tank (even though I think the mini may be slightly better.)

SaucyJack Sun 05-Jun-16 11:33:07

I just bought a sub-ohm thingy as my Mini Nautilus was dying so I thought I'd try summat different as I had to buy a new one anyway.

I am as yet Unconvinced. I was very happy with the MN when the damn thing worked.

It's the mouthpiece I don't like I think. I liked the naice ladylike one on the MN. This one has a big plastic tube, and it isn't as nice to draw on.

Dontneedausername Sun 05-Jun-16 22:20:48

I love my sub ohm and my MN.
Tend to keep the sub tank for evenings, and have the MN for out and about.
Are you doing direct lung hits?

NaturalRBF Fri 26-Aug-16 17:21:45

I've gone from MTL to sub ohm & ive found its really stopped my craving stinkies!

FurryDogMother Fri 26-Aug-16 23:00:14

I'm really enjoying sub ohm vaping at 3 or 6mg, though still have some old equipment that I use for mouth to lung. Like you, I have been known to stealth vape when I have to - but I do find sub ohming gives much better flavour. The 'mouthpiece', btw is what's called a 'drip tip' and most are replaceable with custom ones - try an Amazon search to see what's available - all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours!

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