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E cigs linked to "popcorn lung".

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Shesinfashion Tue 08-Mar-16 08:21:29

Worried about them now. Should we all be aiming to get off E cigs at the earliest opportunity?

ShutUpSirius Tue 08-Mar-16 08:30:35

The chemical reported to be linked to the condition has been found in flavoured vape. However the link is unproven. Not enough research has been done into it.

Dontneedausername Tue 08-Mar-16 13:44:48


AndNowItsSeven Tue 08-Mar-16 13:47:08

Who was that research sponsored by? The tobacco companies scared of losing profits, or the government scared of losing taxes?

Dontneedausername Tue 08-Mar-16 13:48:23

What liquid do you use? Does it contain diacetyl? I know mine doesn't. It's a flavouring used occasionally, that might be linked to popcorn lung.
diacetyl is also in cigarettes. So why hasn't this been trotted out to smokers?
Once again, these pieces are trotted out by people with an agenda to get vapers to think exactly what you did! Please read up on it some more!

PlentyOfPubeGardens Tue 08-Mar-16 13:55:57

There has been some sort of scare story about vaping every week or two since I switched 2 1/2 years ago. They have all so far turned out to be bollocks, and this one is no exception. There is around 750 times more diacetyl in cigarette smoke than there is in ecig vapour. Despite this, nobody has ever been diagnosed with 'popcorn lung' as a result of smoking.

Diacetyl, and related compounds, do not need to be in eliquid and more and more manufacturers are certifying their juice as 'diacetyl-free'. All of them should be moving in that direction in preparation for the Tobacco Products Directive. It appears that some flavours, even though they don't have diacetyl as an ingredient, do produce diacetyl when heated. More research is needed here so we can eliminate what is a small but avoidable risk.

Personally I'm sticking with vaping as I know I would otherwise be at very high risk of relapse to smoking. There would have to be substantial evidence that vaping was approaching the same level of harm as smoking before I would consider stopping.

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