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Aspire mini Pegasus vs Eleaf istick

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pinkiepie30 Mon 07-Mar-16 09:55:40

I read some advice from op that asked about a good set up recently and the advice was get a good tank rather than a mod with cheap tanks. so After reading that I got the mini nautilus.
All was great for a couple of weeks but I wasn't enjoying my vape anymore and gradually started smoking more so I changed my coil yesterday and omg I'm in love with it all over again.

I have a ego style battery and I am aiming towards the istick 50w as the battery power and charge whilst vaping looks amazing.
I am getting fed up of having these egos constantly on charge as soon as one comes off charge I'm running low on the other and having to swap them.
However I've just seen the mini Pegasus and it looks a beautiful bit of kit. But the price puts me off and that I would need to buy a battery or two and a rechargeable kit to charge them up.

Has anyone tried one?

Even tho I have had my head turned the istick is the right way to go isn't it?

magimedi Mon 07-Mar-16 11:35:56

I know nothing about the Pegasus - but have been using the IleafEstick for nearly 18 months & just love it. I'm a pretty constant vaper & a charge lasts me just about a whole day. And it is 'pass through' so you can still use it whilst it is charging.

A couple of weeks is quite a long time for a coil to last - it does depend on what liquid you are using a bit. If you use a very custardy sweet liquid your coil will not last as long. I vape a tobacco flavout liquid with (in the evenings) some rhubarb & custard & I find I need to change my coil once a week.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Tue 08-Mar-16 14:07:03

I dunno, it does look pretty! Are you thinking of getting the gold one?

I like the idea of mods with separate batteries because it seems so wasteful to me to have to bin the whole device when the battery goes. These are the highest mAh 18650 batteries I have found - 3500 mAh, compared with 4400 mAh on the istick, so the battery wouldn't last as long, but still not bad. I still get around 3 days from my istick between charges but I probably vape at lower power than magi.

The big advantage of the istick over something relatively new on the market is, if you run into any problems, there will be more people who are familiar with it and can help you.

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