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Please tell me this gets easier someone!

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OwensMama Wed 24-Feb-16 12:17:22

I am on Day 3 of giving up smoking and finding it REALLY hard. I only smoked about 6-7 a day, but associate them with relaxing, a bit of a last rebellion perhaps. I was a secret smoker (as in friends, parents, children never knew) - only my DH, who has also given up with me. I think the secret nature of it made it all the more 'fun' maybe... I am doing ok, but really scared about the weekend, when I associate a relaxing glass (or two) of wine, with a cigarette outside when the children are in bed.
Soooooo, any ex-smokers out there with success stories and words of wisdom - please help! Am I always going to feel like I am missing out on all the fun?

TheEmperorIsNaked Tue 01-Mar-16 21:44:42

Yes, it gets easier! I promise you it does.

I haven't had a cigarette for 14 months now and I don't miss it at all. The idea of lighting up again is alien and bizarre to me now.

I do use an e-cig though. Are you using anything? NRT, e-cig, champix?

Dontneedausername Tue 01-Mar-16 23:09:17

Yip, I used an ecig and found it so easy! No stress smile

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