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I've bought one and got started.

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YouMakeMyDreams Tue 23-Feb-16 07:25:07

Well I did it. I asked about a month ago what to buy and went into two shops yesterday for a browse and left with my Vale.
Will need to look at the box to remind myself what I've got .
The young lad in the shop was really helpful and sold me what he thought would be the best starter for me and so far so good actually.
Started using it yesterday lunchtime and I've had 4 fags in that time including one first thing this morning where I'd usually have had a couple with my tea before the dc got up but I'm already not enjoying them as much.

I am using a Parma violets flavour just now. Thinking getting used to sweet flavours would hopefully make fags taste yuck quicker.
I need to change my mindset a bit though right now my brain still says ciggies although I'm really enjoying my Vape and feeling satisfied after it.

magimedi Tue 23-Feb-16 12:00:20

Well done.

Don't worry about smoking some fags - most of us did that (dual fuelling) for a while.

It took me about 3 weeks to drop my last cig (the first of the day) but some people took much longer.

Hope it's not TMI but a vape & a brew has exactly the same 'opening' effect as a fag & a brew grin

YouMakeMyDreams Tue 23-Feb-16 18:15:47

Well so far not awful. I find I'm probably using it more than I would have had a cigarette in my hand feels like I'm constantly smoking on it.
Of it could be cigarette free in three weeks I'd be delighted so fingers crossed.
I've had 5 today which actually is quite good for me I will probably have at least one more tonight from at least 20 a day I'm quite pleased.

grin that's good to know my morning ones(s) are the scariest ones actually. They are what gets me going in the morning with my two cups of tea. Only had one with my tea before I left this morning though.

magimedi Tue 23-Feb-16 19:46:47

You will vape more than you smoked as vaping delivers far less nicotine than a fag does.

One fag = drag, drag once an hour or so & will keep your nicotine levels topped up.

Vaping tends to be a couple of puffs 3/4 times an hour to keep the nicotine going!

Just think of aLl the fags you haven't smoked.

Well done, Dreams

PolterGoose Tue 23-Feb-16 21:17:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

YouMakeMyDreams Tue 23-Feb-16 21:49:00

Thanks it's nice to hear a well done.
I have to stop smoking. My 9 year old ds2 says so grin and he's absolutely right.

I've been kind of beating myself up tonight for the fags I have had. I wasn't earlier but am now. I think I'm worried because I have the will power of a toddler usually and I really don't want to fail at this. So I'm trying to remind myself that I've still half way less than usual and that ds2 is pleased I'm doing this.

magimedi Tue 23-Feb-16 22:24:31

Stop beating yourself up - 50% less fags is brilliant. That's taken a month.

In 6 weeks you may very well be down to 75% less fags & so it will follow on.

When I gave up & switched to vaping I had smoked for 40+ years with so many failed attempts at quitting on the way.

I am now coming up to 4 years fag free (still vaping) & I feel great. Can exercise far more & have dropped a whole size in clothes, due to the exercise.

You are going the right way!

YouMakeMyDreams Wed 24-Feb-16 07:43:19

So it does make a difference to lung capacity then? That's a huge positive alone. That is putting me off exercise at the moment too. I need to lose a bit of weight but decided the smoking needs to go first.
I'm not sure how long the liquid is supposed to last so I have bought a few bottles just now in a few flavours to see me through. The shops are a 50 mile round trip which, because it's our nearest town I do head to reasonably often but more monthly or so rather than regularly and I've not really explored online options yet although the shop will post to me if I call them.

magimedi Wed 24-Feb-16 07:59:36

Lung function improves dramatically.

Before I quit I could swim about 2/3 lengths of front crawl before stopping & a total of about 10 lengths per swim.

I now swim 40 lengths, 3 times a week with one stop in the middle - more for a general short rest than to breathe.

I can walk from sea level up to the top of a 600ft cliff (not sheer!) without having to stop to wheeze. I have also dropped a dress size through all of this.

I feel better than I've felt in years. I'm 60+, by the way!

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