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Eleaf istick 50w questions

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Diamondtiara Tue 09-Feb-16 12:32:21

Hi lovelies I was just wondering if any of you could answer my questions on the istick for me please before I go ahead and buy one.

Are these any good? I have a evod replica ATM and I'm finding I have to draw pretty hard on it to get a good vape and it's actually hurting my teeth.

I have only been vaping for 6 weeks so is this set up alright for quite a newbie? I was told to avoid the sub tanks.

I have eBay cheapie clearomitors with a 510 thread and have read they are compatible, do they work ok as I have already got 30 to get though before I want to upgrade to the mini natilous tank.

Any advice where I should be getting it from, they seem to range in price from £40-£50.

Or is there any other product simular that you can recommend?
I have a 1000 battery and the 4000+ seems a absolute bonus to me!

ElderlyKoreanLady Tue 09-Feb-16 12:39:01

I have an iStick with a nautilus tank. If you're having issues with getting a good vape though the best thing you could do is not use cheap replica tanks. I'd recommend the iStick because you have more control over how much power you're using, which is good when getting the flavour right if you use a variety of liquids. But a better tank allows you to adjust airflow. Atomisers in the nautilus produce a better vapour than evod atomisers too in my experience.

PolterGoose Tue 09-Feb-16 21:33:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Welshmaenad Tue 16-Feb-16 00:27:18

Agree with Polter, a tank upgrade would be a far better first step. Personally I love my Nautilus mini and would go straight for that, I think it's the best mouth-to-lung option. Also agree that a 30w istick is ample power if you don't want to sub ohm; the coolfire IV 40w is also a good option.

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