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Anyone want to start vaping?

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magimedi Tue 09-Feb-16 11:00:13

Im starting this thread so I can link it to the one in Chat so there is info & answers to all of those who want to start vaping & the info won't vanish.

Ask aany question you want. Vaping seems like an intimidating minefield before you get going. No question is too daft to ask & there is no willy waving here!

When I got my first kit I went to refill it & poured the liquid straight through on to the table grin

We've all been starters & are happy to help with anything to do with vaping.

OddSocksHighHeels Tue 09-Feb-16 14:03:33

I'll start first with the thick questions then grin

The ones I've tried have hurt my throat and made me feel sick. Are there better types that don't make you feel like this?

I smoke about 15-20 a day, strong type fags so what strength of nicotine is best?

I'm sure I'll have more silly questions later when I've had time to think.

magimedi Tue 09-Feb-16 16:07:44

Waves to Odd Socks.

What exactly have you tried is my first question?

And a vape 'smokes' differently to a fag - you need to take much shorter smaller pulls - not the great lung sucking hit you take with a fag.

magimedi Tue 09-Feb-16 16:10:26

This is a good starter kit:

I have only really ever used one liquid - a tobacco flavoured one called 'The Sherlock' ( you have to love it!) & I occasionally mix it with rhubarb & custard.

Someone else will be along soon to help with liquids - PolterGoose is v knowledgeable.............

ApocalypseNowt Tue 09-Feb-16 16:12:09

Marking my place.

I know I really want to get into vaping and the best thing is to go into a shop. I keep putting it off though....not sure why?!

I impulse bought an ecig (cost 3 quid) the other day and it's ok but i want to get properly into it so i think i need a kit. Is it a lot of faff though? I think that might be putting me off....

magimedi Tue 09-Feb-16 16:22:14

I promise you it is no faff at all.

Filling the ecig takes under a moment & I have 2 batteries so one is charging while I am using the other one.

I HIGHLY recommend going to a shop & getting them to show you how it all works. You may pay a couple of quid more than buying on line, but the advice you get will be worth it. And they will let you try different liquids.

This site seems to quite good for finding shops:

toofunny Tue 09-Feb-16 16:26:42

I actually quit smoking 2 or 3 years ago, but have never fully got over the need for nicotine! grin
I'm very tempted to give these a try. How do they compare with cigarettes?

ApocalypseNowt Tue 09-Feb-16 16:29:51

Thanks magimedi. I've looked at the link and there's a shop on my walk home from work so I'll try and pop in. It's got good reviews and says the staff are friendly and knowledgable which is exactly what i want.

magimedi Tue 09-Feb-16 16:33:29

Good Luck , Apocalypse.

Many of us who succeeded with vaping started off 'dual fuelling' - ie smoking fags & vaping & gradually dropping the fags.

It took me about 3 weeks to give up the fags totally. It was the first fag of the day with brew that was my last to go. If it's not TMI vaping + brew has exactly the same 'opemning' effect as fags & a hot drink grin

magimedi Tue 09-Feb-16 16:35:06

toofunny - they deliver nicotine & you get the throat/lung hit off them if you inhale.

Must admit if you've quit for that long I don't know that you want to go back to it in any way!

toofunny Tue 09-Feb-16 16:38:25

That's not TMI! Nothing is better than coffee and a fag, first thing in the morning! Good to hear that vaping works too!

ApocalypseNowt Tue 09-Feb-16 16:42:18

Haha! Not tmi. I always wonder if constipated people have never heard of coffee and cigarettes... grin

Wombatinabathhat Tue 09-Feb-16 20:01:13

Can anyone tell me why sometimes when vaping, liquid comes through the mouth piece. The tank is not over full. And also, what causes it to crackle and pop when vaping?


PolterGoose Tue 09-Feb-16 21:41:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose Tue 09-Feb-16 21:42:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose Tue 09-Feb-16 21:43:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magimedi Tue 09-Feb-16 22:34:55

Yorkshire fog sounds one hell of a lot better than monkey jizz!

Am I ever going to let you forget that one, Polter?

No I am not!! grin

PolterGoose Wed 10-Feb-16 07:04:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

itallsucks Wed 10-Feb-16 09:58:29

I'm looking in to vaping, dh has found the iclear 16 with a Q battery kit on Premier E-cigs (sorry on phone and don't know how to link) is this a good one to start with?

magimedi Wed 10-Feb-16 11:39:31

It looks fine as a starter kit to me, itall.

If you have a local vape shop though, I'd go there & ask about a starter kit. You may pay a bit more but you will get loads of advice, be shown how it all works (great help) & get to be able to taste some juices.

If you are miles from one though, that kit looks OK.

If you smoke 20 fags a day you need to start with 18ml strength juice.

itallsucks Wed 10-Feb-16 12:34:53

Thank you magi, we're a 40min drive from our nearest one so it takes a little planning with the kids but hopefully going on the weekend, this will be my backup if we can't make it.

I currently roll my own (nothing illegal) and the average I smoke is around the 20 mark, good day 15ish and bad day I don't even bother counting but I know it's too many for my liking!

18ml sounds good enough for me, I was thinking of using onepoundliquid to get a variety of flavours to try, that way I won't feel so bad if I don't like them lol.

magimedi Wed 10-Feb-16 12:39:04

If you can make it - great. If not the kit sounds good & your idea of different flavours is also good.

Come back if you have any problems when you start.

No question is too silly to ask is our motto.

I was also a smoker of rollies and smoked about the same ammount as you.

itallsucks Wed 10-Feb-16 13:21:44

Dh found some lovely looking expensive ones and i was sitting there saying "needs to be cheaper" lol. Because dh/in laws do a France run every 6mths my average weekly spend is approx £6 so I don't want to start off too expensive but at the same time I don't want to get anything too cheap.

I can't stand shop brought cigarettes anymore (can't afford them either tbh) but if I did I would probably be in my element with the variety available.

magimedi Wed 10-Feb-16 13:37:07

I was the same as you itall. We go to France quite often (family living there) & I'd pop up to Belgium to buy cheap tobacco en route.

I guess I spend about as much on juice as I did on cheap tobacco but I feel so much better. Can't put a price on health.

But you are right to start with basic kit - you can then upgrade once you have vaped for a while.

Wombatinabathhat Wed 10-Feb-16 17:24:03

Thank you Polter

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