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I must stop :-/

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Shellymummy Mon 11-Jan-16 10:34:47

Well I'm on day 14 of taking champix and for the last 24 hours have actually felt it working regarding smoking and not wanting to, I've been reading the champix crew posts last few days and they be helped as I was starting to think they was never going to do anything except make me feel very very tired and nauseous but I persevered and combated the morning one by setting my alarm for 5 am taking it and going back to sleep quick haha by the time I rise at 6.30 most the nausea has gone .
I started a course of 500mg antibiotics at the same time so not sure if that's why the delay I champix having a big effect, now I'm getting ready to say no more, but I'm so scared to jump, I keep doubting myself and thinking I will fail and see this as my last ditch effect for giving up, it's so annoying I want to stop I really really do but as soon as I think that's it I get panicked and talk myself out of it again. It's so stupid as I don't want a cigarette and it taste vile yet I still go light up. I think I am truly just a bit stupid so decided to come here and admit to being a Pratt in the hope that tomorrow I will wake up and actually jump off this stupid crashing train finally and forever

Anyhow enough rambling need to go do some work, so wish I worked away from the home as would be easier just having time gaps to get throu "getting to work" "lunch break" etc instead of the whole day ahead to get through 🤔 Have tried telling myself your at work can't smoke these hours but doesn't work as I know it's rubbish lol..
God I'm full of excuses I'm driving myself mad think I may go into the garden and just slap myself silly for a few hours haha xx

Hope you all have a great day xxx

PlentyOfPubeGardens Thu 14-Jan-16 19:26:43

Hey Shelly, how are you getting on?

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