Please help complete vaping novice

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Snowyxmastree Sat 02-Jan-16 14:03:57

Been told to repost here, no idea this section exsited until someone posted on my thread.

Please can you come and talk to me about vaping I've done a advanced search but seem to be coming up with zombie out of date threads.

I feel it's time to break my 100 a week fag habit as mainly the cost and secondly if I get a cough it lasts me about 6 weeks and I hate it.

I have no clue on vaping or even what the vaping parts are called (pen looking thing) or where to get them online. I am a complete novice.

The only experience I have is with the electronic ecig I used one when I had a operation about 4 years ago and didn't really like it as it was a replica cig and just didn't like the taste.

So what do I need to get going? How do you charge them, how many vaping sticks (please tell me what there called) do I need?
Also what is the difference is watts between them all.
And is there different strengths of liquid?
Many thanks

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BeezerBubble Sat 02-Jan-16 14:47:16

For a complete novice can't see much past an Innokin Endura T18
Fill at top and push the button. No need to worry about volts or watts but it's a 1.5ohm coil and pushes out 14 watts consistently. Micro USB port on bottom, button changes colour to let you know when it needs charged.
Probably best to have backup battery in case you get caught short.
Eliquid varies from 0 nic to 24 mg/ml these days, a newbie best starting on 18 mg/ml.
No idea about vendor linked above but seems cheapest.

MotiSen Sat 02-Jan-16 14:50:11

Congratulations on deciding to quit the tobacco. I switched to vaping 3 years ago, and the first thing I noticed is how not inhaling carbon monoxide really frees up the red blood cells to carry oxygen. What a concept!

Many people experience slight headaches when they first switch. I did, but I also did when I tried simply quitting tobacco - so ... not sure what is up with that. Just a heads up. Disappears after about 2 days.

I could write an exhaustively about the technical aspects, but really it would more helpful for you to visit a vape shop where they can tell you all that.

Yes, the liquids come in different strengths. I started at 12 mg/ml, then reduced to 6, now at about 4 (by mixing 6 with zero). Hoping to walk away from the vaper during this year, when I get to zero.

The liquid comes in many flavors, but I like The Queen's Cup best (mild tea flavor). Many shops allow you to try the different flavors prior to purchase.

Also, can

Best wishes. Another advantage is you won't reek of fags anymore.

Snowyxmastree Sat 02-Jan-16 15:10:41

I've had a look on eBay and it seems all the liquid on there is no nicotine so I guess that's no good for me! Where do you all get your liquids from? Can I get them online?

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BeezerBubble Sat 02-Jan-16 15:14:09

Here's a short video on the endura which might help , US vendor but short. Forgot to mention you'll need replacement coil heads too, you get 2 in the kit and they can last a few weeks before replacing. Also as a rough guide I go through about 30mls eliquid p/week, used to smoke 20 cigs a day, DW goes through 20 mls p/week

BeezerBubble Sat 02-Jan-16 15:18:45

At the moment dozens of online vendors but is only £1 for 10ml , not an endorsement but not expensive to find a flavour you like. For me getting the right flavour took a while, worth it in the end though.

Dontneedausername Sat 02-Jan-16 15:44:53

Ooh I liked one pound eliquid.
It's good to try dessert, tobacco and fruit flavours to see what's best.
I love dessert and order from Triphammer, but it's not cheap so definitely get a load of of the £1 stuff to start with.
Quite a lot of people start with a basic ego set up, then once they are into vaping, spend a bit more for an istick/Nautilus combo.

Ideally, you would buy the expensive battery and tank and you'll love it. But you never know and id hate to recommend something expensive to a beginner.
Best bet is to find a ecig shop.
Tell them what you want, ask to try. Give them your budget and don't let them talk you into a sub-ohm kit. State you need basic and that you're a beginner. Ask them to show you how to fill your tank and change the coil.

Good luck! I'm 18 months stopped now smile

PolterGoose Sat 02-Jan-16 15:54:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magimedi Sat 02-Jan-16 16:17:18

I'm glad you got over here, Snowy.

I like ecig wizard - online & has shops for it's juices.


If you smoke 100 cigs a week I reckon you'll need to start with 18mg strength juice & then go down if you want to.

The actual physical puffing on an ecig is different to a fag - you need to pull slowly. You may well cough the first few times you try.

Many of us found we 'dual-fuelled' for a while to start with, it took me about 2 weeks to move to just vaping.

I've now been a happy vaper for 3.5 years, after more than 40 years of smoking. I feel great, haven't put on weight, am SO much fitter & haven't had a chest infection since then & I used to be like you & have 6 weeks + of bad chest with every cold.

Come back & ask any questions you want - no question is too daft, it's a minefield when you start. The first time I went to refuell my tank I pored it straight through, all over the table!

Snowyxmastree Sat 02-Jan-16 16:33:38

Thanks for all the advise, am just adding to my basket for the £1 liquid as that looks like a great deal to try some flavours and have got a mix of everything.
After getting confused on what set up to try as the good ones seem to cost a bit I'm going to try a two pen refil reachable unit that's about £11 and buy some coil spares and just see how I go with that as I'm worried to buy too much and pay out for fags aswell so willing to give it a good go and if I get on with it and am really hoping I will I can get a fancier vaping pen!

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Dontneedausername Sat 02-Jan-16 16:44:55

On one pound eliquids, lemon sherbet and the blackcurrant and liquorice are lovely!

ditavonteesed Sat 02-Jan-16 17:23:00

one pound liquids I love are cherry menthol, double menthol, banana and coconut. Triphammer do lovely liquids and often have discount codes .
I started out with a vision spinner battery here and a kanger evod clearomiser here. you can get the coils from the same place. I know friends have tried cheaper kits and not taken to it as you can get a lot of dry hits.
Now upgraded but that kit lasted me for a year.

incogKNEEto Sat 02-Jan-16 17:26:35

Kangertech protank 3 are about £5 on Amazon and are a good tank with replaceable coils, they are glass so aren't damaged by any liquids, and they fit on an Ego style battery as well as the more expensive batteries like the iStick smile Dh uses one of these with a Coolfire 4 battery, as we both got fed up of leakage issues with the cheaper tanks when we started!

I started with an Ego C kit and now have built up to a kangertech subtank nano on a Coolfire 4 battery, as I like the sub ohming!

Liberty flights have good reviews and descriptions on their website but you can usually find the stuff cheaper elsewhere.

Snowyxmastree Sat 02-Jan-16 17:30:30

I've got cherry, menthol, coconut vanilla and custard lemon sherbet and am going to add a tobacco one in aswell.

Thanks for everyone's advice have decided to go for 18 strength as that seems a good starting point.

I'm quite pleased, wasn't even a New Years thing I just woke in the middle of the night and thought I fancy giving that a go. As if it works will save me £££ so I can spend the £££ on clothes or something else.

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PlentyOfPubeGardens Sat 02-Jan-16 19:28:20

Good luck, Snowy! Everything is interchangeable, pretty much. I still have all my old ego (pen style) batteries from when I started over 2 years ago. They all still work and come in as spares or to put together kits to lend to friends to try.

Allergictoironing Sat 02-Jan-16 21:37:56

A few suggestions for when your new shiny toys arrive:

If you do start by "dual fuelling" i.e. slowly moving from tobacco to the e-cig over a while, put the cigarettes in a room you rarely use. That way, it's much easier to reach for your e-cig than for the packet & lighter.

Remember that it's little & often for e-cigs. Rather than 10 minutes constantly puffing on a stinky then lighting another one an hour later, do a few drags every few minutes with the e-cig.

Drink plenty of liquids. You may find you get very thirsty otherwise.

Be prepared for various other temporary changes e.g. toilet habits, skin & hair condition. Remember you are stopping from taking around 4000 different chemicals into your body - there's an awful lot more in tobacco smoke than just nicotine! (Which is why vaping is so much better for you).

Try putting aside every penny you would have spent on cigarettes, & count it regularly so you can see it mount up grin. Then spend at least part of it on something completely indulgent, so you can really see the rewards.

You may find you get a really heavy gunky cough after a while - this is your lungs clearing themselves out and is a GOOD sign.

Snowyxmastree Sat 02-Jan-16 23:40:00

Thanks so much for all your help.

I thought I placed a order for the liquid but it didn't work as just had a email saying it's still all in my basket.

I've ready nearly all of the 800+ posts on the vaping thread and some of the kit looks amazing. So if I can get on with my cheap kit I will most defiantly invest in a nice decent kit.

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eielectricians Tue 19-Dec-17 11:41:07

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wickedkiss Wed 15-Jul-20 15:53:44

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