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I am now a non-smoker

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MaitlandGirl Sat 02-Jan-16 02:20:20

Made the decision mid morning today that I am not going to smoke anymore. I've smoked on and off for the last 24 years but this last run of smoking was almost 5.5 years.

Cigarettes are going up so much and I want to get myself a bit more financially stable this year, especially as we're moving house, so have made the decision that I won't smoke anymore.

I've finished the pack I had, put away all my lighters and ashtrays and got DS outside cleaning the car so it smells fresh.

I've also transferred the $$ I was going to spend on a packet of smokes into our 'house moving account' so I can see the financial benefit of not smoking.

I'm determined to do it and interested to see how long it takes people to notice I'm not smoking anymore!

tasteslikechicken Sat 02-Jan-16 02:23:20

I wish you all the best. I want to stub it out too!

ThereIsIron Sat 02-Jan-16 02:28:55

Good luck

Allergictoironing Sat 02-Jan-16 09:44:45

Good luck smile. If you smoked in the house, have a full spring clean including washing all the curtains as the smell lingers everywhere. Find something to do with your hands, as the "hand to mouth" habit is as hard to lose as the actual nicotine addiction.

Worst comes to worst & you find the cravings unbearable, use an NRT like lozenges, spray or e-cig. Yes you are still feeding the nicotine addiction, but part of the addictiveness of smoking cigarettes comes from the other 4000 ish chemicals you get in the smoke, these combine & make it much harder to quit.

NewLeafExpat Sat 02-Jan-16 09:50:21

Well done you! You can do it! It's easy - just choose not to smoke! (And read "the easy way")

MaitlandGirl Sat 02-Jan-16 10:11:31

Thank you smile

I've never smoked in the house, always sat outside on the patio, so don't have to worry about the lingering smell.

I've been in the xbox today to try and give me something to do as I'm so used to sitting outside with the dogs having a smoke.

Going to the inlaws will be a challenge as they smoke in the house, so I use to but if I take my knitting I should be right.

SkibadeeDoodle Sat 02-Jan-16 10:17:08

Well done! Best decision you'll ever make.

I gave up 3 years ago after 20 years of on/off (mostly on) smoking.

The first 2 or 3 weeks were hellish, first 2 months-ish were hard, then it got a lot easier. I dont miss them at all now, not even if I have a drink.

The money thing will amaze you. I didn't actually 'save' the money i would've spent (although thats a great idea), but I kept a tab of what i would have spent and it helped keep me on track. I was smoking roughly 10 a day and had saved nearly 80 quid in the first month. Thats a week's food shop for us, or if you tot it up, nearly a grand a year. Unbelievable that i was happily spending that to poison myself!

You can do it grin

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