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6 months in- tired tired tired?

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Gohackyourself Sat 07-Nov-15 07:34:25

Hi all,

So am 6 months in now.
Happier than ever with my kit, my experience etc.
But does anyone have the symptom I have? I'm so damm tired most of the time.
I do a full time days work and am a lone mum, so I'm always running round at light speed.The thing is after work, I could just happily go and nap for an hr- just to get through the evening.i also feel tired most of the time, as anyone experienced this?

magimedi Sat 07-Nov-15 08:28:23

Well done on six months!

I am not medically trained at all but I don't reckon your tiredness is anything to do with quitting smoking.

If I were you I'd be along to my GP to get thyroid, iron & possibly vitamin D & B levels checked.

Idefix Sat 07-Nov-15 08:35:56

I would go to gp and get checked over. Are you on any regular medications? These symptoms are unlikely to be connected to stopping smoking.

Gohackyourself Sat 07-Nov-15 18:28:52

No am normally quite healthy-
But since stopping I'm tired!!!

Magi it's funny you said about the thyroid one- gonna get that checked out as my mum had that- an I know tiredness can be a symptom.

Oh well no one else expericing the tiredness !

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