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free liquid.. from me!

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Dontneedausername Wed 07-Oct-15 18:24:35

I have a few flavours i dont get on with, perfectly happy to post to anyone who want them? 18/12mg sweet flavours.
strawberry milk
apple pie

will upload a pic later as it on my phone.

I have been on here a while NC with the whole hacker thing but my last name was very similar!

Dontneedausername Wed 07-Oct-15 18:26:16

Pic smile

Missyaggravation Sat 10-Oct-15 22:37:52

Would be interested in trying any but the coffee, if you still have any smile

FarelyKnuts Sat 10-Oct-15 22:43:40

That reminds me that I have a ton of them I don't like/use. Must have a look and list them if anyone wants them.

Pantone363 Sat 10-Oct-15 22:46:30

Oh god me too, all of them are 6mg. Will list tomorrow. I need to stop trying new flavours!

magimedi Sat 10-Oct-15 23:15:44

I would love to try the coffee - was just thinking tonight that I'd like to branch out.

Am more than happy to pay you postage or to put a donation into the charity of your choice.

Dontneedausername Sun 11-Oct-15 12:28:43

perfect, i'll post out for you ladies if you message me your addresses smile
Magi, just bung some change to a charity collector for me smile

I'd rather someone can use them than they get binned!

magimedi Sun 11-Oct-15 13:28:57

Pm en route - when you have got the address I wonder if you could delete the PM, please. After all that Jeffery trouble, I don't want my address lingering here.

incogKNEEto Sun 11-Oct-15 14:09:55

Pantone363 I would be interested in any fruit/sweet flavours that you have if they're 6mg please smile

Dontneedausername Sun 11-Oct-15 15:17:06

Course I will, I'll delete now for you smile

Dontneedausername Sun 11-Oct-15 15:18:40

Empty inbox smile

magimedi Sun 11-Oct-15 22:28:44

Thank you - which I am sure I posted hours ago - but flowers again & it only goes to show how od this site can be..........

magimedi Fri 23-Oct-15 11:39:41

It arrived yesterday & I tried it after diiner. Quite like it - mixed with my 'Sherlock' (tobacco flavour) but not one I'd use all the time.

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