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Kanger Aero tank mega - which box mod?

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LoodleDoodle Fri 18-Sep-15 20:19:00

6 months fag free with cheapie ego ecigs, which is brilliant. I upgraded to an Emow mega last month, and have been loving it. The only thing is that it's 1300mah, and not lasting a full day (I vape at work and am a chain vaper, at about 4.4v). I have a chunky evod as a back up, but it's not vv and isn't powerful enough.

So, I'm wondering if it's time for box mod. Not bothered about digital displays etc, but I love the two aero mega tanks I have. Can anyone recommend something which won't look awful with my tanks but last a decent time? I've yet to try anything with separate batteries and don't have unlimited budget, up to around £50. Thanks, vapers!

PolterGoose Sat 19-Sep-15 15:19:00

I think the aero tank mega is 22mm diameter so should work well with:
- eLeaf iStick 50w version, possibly the 30w but it looks a bit wonky (I haven't tried either of these but they're well regarded, I use the 20w version and it's fab!)
- Innokin Cool Fire 4 is very solid
- Heatvape Defender is a good budget choice
- trusty old MVP, either the MVP 2 or 3

LoodleDoodle Sun 20-Sep-15 11:00:21

I went to a b&m shop literally 2 minutes from my house yesterday afternoon and had a play with quite a few. It actually works really well with the istick 30w and doesn't look too clunky. Took it out of the box at 12, then on a night out, and still have 3/4s battery left, so v happy.

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