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Not a a newbie but am mega confused looking at upgrading please help

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starsandunicorns Thu 13-Aug-15 15:31:56

Hello so i have being vaping now since mid Jan i use vapourizse fuse but batteries are on way out dh said why not upgrade ( think hes getting peeded off to his new duty of charging batteries on laptop when he comes in off night duty) grin

So i am leaning towards a eleaf stick 30watt maybe question is what cleaormizser can i put on top i have looked and there have made brain head talking about airflow etc are there any starter kits with this type of battery i pefer the ones you get atomiszers for and not the through away ones ( can i use my duel coil clearomizsers that i have from vapouriz ) as just got some so need to use if possible

also we away in a few weeks and i have seen a euro plug to charge batteries via a usb lead thoughts on this if possible at the minute dh charges the fuse batteries via the usb lead the laptop whuch wont be comming on hoilday .

Can i use the usb lead through a hudl would that work

we have a vapour shop in town but wont get to go till monday and personaly i think you lot are wonderful and so knowleadgeable i would much appreatie your thoughts
The cleaormizser i use at the min is 1.6ohm if that helps ( still dont fully understand this )

So sorry for massive post flowers

Mimigolightly Thu 13-Aug-15 16:49:55

Hi - I've just upgraded to an Innokin Cool Fire IV with my Aspire Mini Nautilus tank based on recommendations from MN. It has a usb lead to charge it and I plug into my IPhone plug or my laptop.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Thu 13-Aug-15 18:18:55

Hi stars, I just had a look at the Vaporiz Fuse and it has a standard ego connection which makes everything really easy. The tanks you are using at the moment will work fine on an eleaf istick and pretty much any tank you choose will be compatible with both the istick and your current batteries. You will need to use the ego adapter that comes with the istick if you want to use your current tank with the istick but it's just a bit of extra metal to screw in. Pretty much everything is compatible these days smile

You need to be careful with mains chargers These are not all compatible and some of the modern ones designed for phones put out far too much power for charging ecigs. If you are upgrading to a box-shaped battery that charges via micro USB these are safer but I still wouldn't use a charging plug that outputs more than 1A.

Your current batteries, and any other ego style ones you get (that screw into a charger) shouldn't be plugged into anything over 5V, 500mA (or 0.5A).

Vapemestoopid did rather a good blog post on battery safety a while back.

starsandunicorns Thu 13-Aug-15 20:05:26

Thankyou you both yes i am flappy about even charging via the usb hence its dh job the batteries run out late at night and i refuse to leave them charging then go to sleep ! So he does them when hes chills out for a few hours after nightshift

I have seen a few plugs that are designed for thee cig battery with usb and one that has a euro plug which is the one i am thinking of hoilday has anyone used them

Thankyou ref recodmations and stopping the confusion off to look at shiny stuff grin

Mimigolightly Thu 13-Aug-15 21:55:05

Just checked out the fuse in my apple plug and it's only a 1amp according to Apple.

If I don't use this, what should I be using to charge my Cool Fire IV?

PolterGoose Fri 14-Aug-15 11:58:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starsandunicorns Sat 15-Aug-15 11:49:06

Thankyou PolterGoose i was able to get to town first thing this morning and got a i leaf 20 w kit at the vape shop grin also got a uk plug too grin omg the amount of vapour i get is loads compared to my batteries grin

PolterGoose Sat 15-Aug-15 12:04:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starsandunicorns Sat 15-Aug-15 12:34:44

Nods madly with a massive grin

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