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Quit smoking.... Weight gain, but on the e.cig **help**

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JodieMacdonald31 Tue 11-Aug-15 17:01:17

Some history, I smoked for 18 ish years. I'm 29 now. The 1 and only time I quit was 5 mth ago (still on low strength e.cig)

I was a chubby/fat teenager a size 14/16 ish but only 5ft1

I lost the weight to about a size 8 at 19/20. I then had a kid. Lost the weight again.
Since getting rid of baby weight about 9 years ago I've maintained around 9 stone. (8 and half for a holiday) I walk a lot, mostly active and healthy. But have to be strict (Xmas of and odd pizza & beer)
5 mth ago I quit smoking, ppl say they gain weight but I thought since I was on e.cig I wouldn't miss the hand to mouth?? So shouldn't have much of a problem??

I have gained a stone!! I am eating and exercising the same, if anything I'm exercising more to try and stop the weight gain.

As mentioned above I have basically lived my life on a diet.... So already follow the lose weight rules ��

Has any1 else had this??

Any advise or tips??

Seriously the only thing that has changed is the smoking :/

JodieMacdonald31 Tue 11-Aug-15 17:03:02

I forgot to add, please don't mention juice plus/ aloevera/ skinny wrap crappy fad things. I don't believe in them.
Sensible advice only plz

magimedi Tue 11-Aug-15 17:12:09

I quit smoking & started vaping nearly 3 years ago - still vaping but no cigs!

This was fter 40+ years of smoking.

In the first 6 months or so I put on about half a stone. I think it was because food tasted so bloody good!

But I then started being able to exercise really well as had so much more lung function. I've now lost that half stone & more. Have dropped a clothing size & am very happy.

I think it took a bit of time for me to build up to where I am on the exercise intensity. I started doing 10 lengths of the pool, with a break, & was quite pleased. I can now do 1K of front crawl in about 27 mins with no breaks! I'm 60 & am now a size 16 & quite happy with that.

Don't go back to smoking, it won't help. Try to reduce your portion sizes & possibly try to exercise a bit harder!

And well done on 5 months of not smoking!!

magimedi Tue 11-Aug-15 17:12:35

"after 40 years"

capricalia Tue 11-Aug-15 17:22:49

I stopped 7 months ago and put on over a stone the first few months but I ate constantly. I have lost a good amount again by upping my exercise slightly and not mainlining family packs of jellybeans. I'm a perfect weight I'm happy with now. Oh and I'm on NRT.

Smoking increases your metabolism so obviously when you stop it slows down. Maybe try HIIT exercise to give it a kickstart? A lot of people do put on weight at the start but it has been noted that 20% of those people end up losing weight by the end of the first year so think of the long game. Plus, I've read that smoking leeches vitamins and nutrients out of your body so maybe this is why weight goes on to so many people, we are getting more out of our food now?

Don't lose hope, I think your body will balance itself out again. It's had 18 years of smoking (20 in my case) and will take a while to find it's equilibrium. I'd rather have weight than stinking smokes though grin

JodieMacdonald31 Tue 11-Aug-15 17:30:40

Thanks ppl! I'm in the hope it balances out. I did think about the metabolic rate slowing down but wondered if it was the nicotine or the chemicals in fags that speed it up?? Coz still having the nicotine.
Just really frustrated that all the tips and tricks from many previous years of weight control just don't seem to be working.

On the bright side, my gp did say that the damage smoking does is comparable to being 5/6 stones overweight so health wise I am still better of

JodieMacdonald31 Tue 11-Aug-15 17:31:49

Very good swimming stats btw!! smile

magimedi Tue 11-Aug-15 17:43:15

I think the other thing that helped when it came to the weight going off was that I really upped the amount of water I drink & I always have a glass of water when I eat.

JodieMacdonald31 Tue 11-Aug-15 17:53:47

I'm going to give that a try smile

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