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Quest to fine 'The One'...

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Tannins34 Thu 04-Jun-15 20:24:58

Sorry to add to all the threads on this but I'm really struggling!

I'm so desperate to stop smoking. I have a vapouriz fuel which I do like in terms of size, vapour etc but I just don't think it's the one! Everyone seems to find it so easy to switch to vaping but I just can't do it! I've managed a couple of days here and there, a few mornings before I cave in and head to the shops... But long term it's just not happening for me! Is it me? Is it the kit? The trouble is I'm in a position where I don't want to risk the money on a new expensive kit that isn't going to work for me. But that may be where I'm going wrong. I'm using 1.8 strength liquid and tend to smoke 10-15 a day so this should be right? Also find it gives me such a dry mouth! Any suggestions welcome and gratefully received.

Confused of Mumsnet confused

Allergictoironing Thu 04-Jun-15 21:39:02

Don't despair Tannins - it took me months & months to change over completely. And my beloved brother is still smoking a few cigs a day after 2 years (though much fewer than before).

One of the most common causes of people not getting on with vaping is because they try to emulate the same patterns as they smoked - 5-10 minutes non-stop puffing away, then nothing for an hour or so. Nicotine is absorbed very differently into the body with vaping and much slower, so try taking just a few puffs at a time but much more frequently.

A dry mouth is very common at first, you just need to make sure you have liquid to hand to sip on; this should pass once you've been vaping regularly for a while. Your body isn't used to the PG and VG used as the carrier liquid and takes a while to get acclimatised.

Another thing to consider is whether you may be better suited to start off by "dual fuelling" and slowly replace the fags with the e-cig over time rather than trying to cut over all at once. I know that when I started vaping I would get into a panic if I didn't have at least a few fags in the house, but knowing they were there if I got desperate actually reduced the compulsion with me IYSWIM? I would keep the e-cig with me at all times and put the fags in a room I rarely spent time in so it was easy to vape & hassle to smoke.

I'm guessing the "fuel" is a typo (or smartphone autocorrect) and you have a Vapouriz Fuse - that's a perfectly decent starter kit and should be fine - at least until you catch a bad dose of "shinyitis"!

Tannins34 Thu 04-Jun-15 22:22:33

I do indeed mean the Fuse!!! The annoying thing is I re-read that post about 5 times to check I wouldn't look like a wally with my first post and lo and behold.....�� That will teach me for having a cheeky Thursday night wine and getting all brave!

Thank you for the advice. Maybe I just need to chill out a bit and keep at it. Hopefully I'll get there in the end!

Brownsofa Sat 06-Jun-15 22:03:33

Hi tannins,
Allergic gives great advice.

Am currently on a week now fully vaping - after posting much the same post as yours a while back.
To crack it, I had to join the shinyitis clan an upgrade to an eleaf I stick and 24mg juices but I'm finally there!!!
I've been through them all, started off with an evod, was ok but not like a fag.then vision spinner and now as above.
I'm on highest strength liquid but it's cracking it.
I am drinking far more now too, I had a headache for first few days but think that was withdrawal symptoms an dehydrated.

I feel I'm on the stick quite a lot at the moment - but it's better than the fags.
I walked past the smokers tonight outside cinema an couldn't stand the smell :-)
I've found that I'm getting more enjoyment from it now, like being able to sit on sofa an "smoke" rather than standing outside freezing/wet etc
Finally I've got a drawer full of liquids:-( I tried samples thought I liked an got fed up of them, so am bit of liquid slut! But finally I've found that banana is right up my street.
It's probably cost me about £120 on kit and liquids across 18 months but I'm finally here- truly vaping! Even up to a week or two ago I was duelling.
The trick was, I was buying ten fags so I could have one each morning as it's the one I missed most- but I was kidding myself, by end of day I'd smoked ten and would tell myself to start again tomoz.i knocked that on head as regonised when I fancy one, it's too much hassle to go to shop to buy - I vape- an it passes for another few hrs.
Hope this gives you confidence that u will crack it with a bit of trial an error.
Allergic,plenty and magi are truly your saviours on this board if you want to pick brains on anything from kit to urges/splurges etc smile

AWholeLottaNosy Sat 06-Jun-15 22:08:43

I've also recently got an Eleaf Istick - is much better than the ones I'd tried before. Still smoking tags much much less than before. Ill get there eventually! Good advice on this thread, think it does take time to switch over for good.

AWholeLottaNosy Sat 06-Jun-15 22:09:01

Fags not tags!

Tannins34 Sun 07-Jun-15 21:53:41

Thanks guys!

Brownsofa you sound quite similar to me - everyday I buy 10 cos that's the last day I'm ever going to! Just yesterday I had none in the morning so vaped all day and then caved about 2 and had smoked about 6 in 3 hours!! Maybe I do need to up my juice level - I'm on 1.8 and smoke about 10-15 a day so should be sufficient but maybe the extra is what I need. Going on hols tomorrow so hoping the change of scene may help. If not eleaf istick here I come!!!

So contradictory though how I don't want to spend £££ on a kit yet will chuck away at least £5 a day on normal cigs. I honestly drive myself insane with it!

Allergictoironing Mon 08-Jun-15 08:33:45

When you do have the fags in the house, make sure they are always somewhere that it's a bit of a hassle to get one - top shelf in the kitchen, in the spare bedroom upstairs etc, and definitely not in a room you hang out in. Then make sure the e-cig is always to hand. This way you have to ask yourself if you really do want a fag (no automatically lighting up without thinking), and to try using the e-cig first to see if that does it for you.

Set yourself little rules e.g. at least 90 mins between finishing one fag & starting another, and/or must wait at least 15 mins between fancying one & lighting it.

Another thing could be as Brownsofa says, finding the right flavours for you - changing from tobacco to fruit flavours made a massive difference to me. LiQuid do a basic range at £1 a bottle - not the most exotic liquids around but dirt cheap so you can buy loads just to see what types you like best e.g. fruits, desserts, drinks etc.

Brownsofa Mon 08-Jun-15 18:09:42

I had exactly the same thoughts on buying a kit, that I thought I'd be disheartened with and then just waste money on but it's truly been a godsend.
Everytime I feel like a cigarette now, I remind myself how far I've come and that it has no real benefit anymore only negatives- especially how I become a slave to finding a shop an the money! I'm treating myself in 4 weeks to a weekend away :-)( with the no spend on fags) :-)
It helped I had a tooth out too a couple of weeks ago and I've had to fork out a lot of money to get them right!

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