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Best vape shop in central London

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glittertits Thu 07-May-15 11:31:28


My e cig has packed in and I need a new one.

I prefer to buy in store than order online. Mostly because I always forget that I'm running low on fluid and need some urgently.

Where do you recommend?

sherbetlemonD Sat 09-May-15 21:15:49

I'd be interested to know too as i'm taking a trip to London next week smile so if you find out glitter- please PM me.

dtsmum Mon 11-May-15 13:10:39

Not central London, but found this place a few weeks back Its on Shoreditch high street, so East London. Not the cheapest place I've been to but fantastic range. I visited the covent Garden vape shop and wasn't very impressed! House of vapes isn't that close to where I live but I'll definitely be going again soon!

PlentyOfPubeGardens Wed 13-May-15 19:45:56

Yes, we're quite poorly served in London. I buy everything online because I haven't been impressed with local shops - they tend to be very expensive and I've caught some of them giving very bad advice.

If you're worried about running out of juice it's worth scouting out local newsagents - more and more are carrying basic ranges of not-posh stuff.

There's a map here which will be useful for anybody in the UK trying to find their local shop.

paulharris0008 Fri 15-May-15 19:39:56

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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