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The Liquids Swaps Thread.

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Boutonneux Mon 27-Apr-15 19:29:58

Following on from the 'what flavours don't you like' thread, here's a thread for swaps, as suggested by a couple of posters.

Don't know how will be best to do it? We all just post what we've got to start with or what?

Here's what I've got, open to suggestions for swaps:

All are from Li-Quid, all are 10ml bottles.

Pina Colada 18mg - tiniest bit gone
Cappucino 18mg - small amount gone
Virginia tobacco 18mg - brand new

Mint blast 6mg - brand new
British tobacco 6mg - brand new

magimedi Fri 01-May-15 16:24:28

Just bumping this for you - honestly 1/2 10ml bottles in a jiffy bag ae just a first class stamp & it's a great way to try new flavours cheaply.

magimedi Fri 01-May-15 16:24:56

is just a first class..........

fat fingers!

Brownsofa Sun 07-Jun-15 08:01:35


I have a full bottle of diamond mist Havana
1/2 Zeus juice cola
I have more so I'll post later,
Am looking for banana/mango/piña colada/coconut

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