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Bad Chest

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SingingHinnies Mon 13-Apr-15 20:53:32

I started vaping 18mg using VIP liquid, stopped smoking quite easily for 7 weeks but i had the most awful chest problems, worse than when i was smoking plus the liquid made me feel quite sickly. I bought some different liquid PG and VG and a lower mg one but chest seemed to stay the same, when i was inhaling i would cough and splutter. I want to try again but before i buy the stuff does vaping just not agree with some people. The other alternative is to try the nasal spray with patches but i found this much harder, bored hands probably. Any suggestions?

Allergictoironing Mon 13-Apr-15 21:39:15

You may have coughed & spluttered because you were trying to vape exactly the same as smoking. Vaping needs a much slower draw than you would use on a cigarette, and little & often rather than 5-10 mins of constant smoking then an hour or so break.

There are some people who have a problem with PG, and I'm sure someone will be along very soon with recommendations of low or almost zero PG liquids.

SingingHinnies Mon 13-Apr-15 21:47:56

I smoke atm 20 a day, i am definately going to try again so any suggestions would be gratefully received. Yes that's possible re the draw, it did make me quite sick so i would have a few puffs then put it away for a while, at first i thought it might be the liquid flavours but i tried a few, the one which made me feel least queasy was the mentol one.

SingingHinnies Mon 13-Apr-15 21:48:07


PolterGoose Tue 14-Apr-15 19:19:23

I'm one of those who had PG problems smile

PG is responsible for 'throat hit' so can make liquids quite harsh and can make you cough, for some people it's a technique thing but for some of us it's a bigger problem. Also the kit you use can make a difference, what kit have you got?

After an initial failed attempt at vaping I tried again with better kit and VG liquids and haven't looked back. Nearly a year later I've weaned myself up to 50/50 PG/VG liquids and it's fab.

I've found liquids from the more 'boutique' makers better, I cannot vape the heavier PG cheap and imported liquids at all.

SingingHinnies Tue 14-Apr-15 19:37:46

The first time i used the VIP kit but im not sure what i will get this time, im going to research it as i want to try and get one i won't have the same problem with. I have got various liquids but i think only one was VG which i don't think i used or only used briefly then stopped as i was worried about my bad chest.

My friend started with a more expensive kit but now swears by a cheap one she bought as a spare, says she prefers that one but she has not had any problems with feeling sickly or having chest problems

SingingHinnies Tue 14-Apr-15 19:39:37

The last liquids i bought were from the flavour factory, i am also worried about who to buy them from as well as tbh there are so many. The VIP liquid was awful, i thought maybe it was the flavours i had which i got with the kit but i tried more and didn't like them. I need to find a one which doesn't make me feel sick or cough

PolterGoose Tue 14-Apr-15 19:49:00

I'd not heard of flavour factory, I find it concerning they won't publish their PG/VG ratios. Very odd.

Vaping King has become my favourite supplier. Their Monkey Jizz (banana custard) and Yorkshire Fog (Murray mint) are lovely.

SingingHinnies Tue 14-Apr-15 19:56:04

It was the VIP liquids which i don't think agreed with me and by the time i got some from the flavour factory i had more or less started smoking again. I quite liked the mentol one, didn't find that one as sickly so the murray mint one sounds good, so if i get that in VG?? would i get 18mg if i smoke 20 a day?

SingingHinnies Tue 14-Apr-15 19:59:45

ok having a look now on Vaping King, do you think i should get some 12mg or 18mg and all vg or 50/50

SingingHinnies Tue 14-Apr-15 20:02:15

the VIP juices were 18mg PG i have just had a look

PolterGoose Tue 14-Apr-15 20:38:16

I think Vaping King is all 50/50. I started on 18mg but fairly quickly dropped to 12mg which is definitely less harsh. But 12mg might not be strong enough for you.

It's all a bit trial and error really for some of us. Most people who vape seem fairly tolerant of most of the permutations, there's just some of us who need to do more experimenting to get it right. It's such a brilliant way to get off the stinkies I was happy to keep trying.

SingingHinnies Tue 14-Apr-15 22:55:07

Ok im going to try these with the VG/PG mix as the VIP ones were PG. I have ordered Yorkshire Fog and Slime to give them a try, as the juices i have are 18mg i am going to try the 12mg ones instead as i probably won't find them as strong, i have some patches so if it comes to it i will wear a patch, i think i will be ok though on the 12mg

I will have a practice with the inhaling as well as this could be the problem. Some very nice sounding juices on that site. I still have my VIP cig so will try that and maybe have look into different catomiser's My friend is using a cheapie she got on amazon called an IstylDuo which she said she like so i mite give one of them a go, shes been stopped now for over a year, she started on the VIP kit but has never had any of the problems i had.

Thanks for all your help star

SingingHinnies Fri 17-Apr-15 16:24:32

My juice came and i bought the Istyl due ecig which i like better than the VIP one, ive started this morning with the Yorkshire fog which is nice and the Lime one, not keen on the lime as it tastes like washing up liquid. Havent felt sickly so thats good. Seen and article in the mail about the juices with too much flavour so im going to try and stay clear of them ones

PlentyOfPubeGardens Fri 17-Apr-15 19:54:14

Glad you're feeling less sicky now.

Beware of ecig articles in the Daily Mail! (Actually that goes for most ecig articles across the media).

Important things to note about the recent flavour study:

- The levels were based on vapers getting through 5ml of eliquid a day
- The flavour ingredients were identified as 'respiratory irritants' - this doesn't mean they will cause you long-term harm, just that you might feel it a bit in your throat and chest while vaping and shortly afterwards. You actually want a bit of 'irritant' - that's what 'throat hit' is, but of course if any particular juice or flavour has a bad effect on you it's wise to change to another.

Konstantinos Farsalinos has written a response here which is rather good IMO.

Flavourings are the biggest 'unknown' with vaping. Nevertheless, the risks are absolutely tiny compared with smoking. This is something for the industry to sort out, not for individual vapers to worry about. The industry is fairly responsive when known small risks are identified. See for example ECITA on diacetyl.

SingingHinnies Fri 17-Apr-15 21:19:41

Thanks for the links i will have a look, after using the 50/50 juice i have had non of the things i had with the PG juice, i don't think i even used the VG juice i ordered last time or if i did i was using it with the PG as well.

I think the VIP juice i disliked was making me sickly plus the PG was irritating my chest and throat, so far so good with the 50/50 a lot less harsh on the throat and the Yorkshire fog juice is really nice, not too overpowering. The VIP juices were very strong and fake tasting, i tried a few as i was wary of ordering offline as i didn't know which juices were legit/ok

SingingHinnies Fri 17-Apr-15 21:23:58

The lime juice is now really nice after i have used it for a while, i think i will stick with Vaping King for the juices, they have loads i can try

PolterGoose Sat 18-Apr-15 07:52:10

Singing I'm glad you like the VK juices, they're the best I've tried but are too subtle for a lot of people I think.

SingingHinnies Sat 18-Apr-15 13:53:06

No they are ideal for me, pleased you helped me as i would probably have just bought more PG juice, the flavour is fine as some of the ones i had were strong and artificial tasing, still doing fine this morning no hint of a bad chest/cough/sickley feeling

PolterGoose Sat 18-Apr-15 14:17:45

That's brilliant smile

SingingHinnies Sat 18-Apr-15 14:20:21

My friend messaged me before she's now on the nic free juice, apparently the local vape shop is getting in some american juices with some lovely sounding flavours next week, i will give them a go and let you know what they are like grin

SingingHinnies Sat 18-Apr-15 14:22:24

The lime (slime) juice from vaping king i disliked at first, i have been vaping it all morning and i love it now.

PolterGoose Sat 18-Apr-15 14:24:53

I haven't tried that one, their Monkey Jizz is my absolute fave and I buy it in 100ml bottle now grin

Watch out with the American ones, nearly all the ones I've tried have been either weird or sickly sweet. I had a US watermelon that was so realistic it was vile! Try before you buy if you can.

SingingHinnies Sat 18-Apr-15 14:57:43

Yeah that's what i was thinking, i bet they are strong. Hopefully they have tasters, they normally do. I have never tried the fruity ones, thought i wouldn't like them but this lime is lovely after initially hating it but it does say steep for 7 days. There's a one which is fruit with a hint of menthol, reviewers are saying it's like halls soothers so that sounds right up my street and the apple and pairs, i will be ordering them 2 next i think.

SingingHinnies Sat 18-Apr-15 14:58:14

and i will try the monkey Jizz, that ones got loads of great reviews

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