DP objecting to vaping after 3 months? thoughts Please

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toastyarmadillo Mon 09-Mar-15 05:29:31

Hi guys,I have been vaping exclusively for the last three months and am loving it, I feel fitter, healthier and very chuffed to have kicked the stickies, however my DP has started objecting to my vaping. I am not doing anything differently to he last three months but now he says he vapour makes him cough. If I am vaping in the lounge he leaves the room etc. I ended up sitting on my own in the kitchen last night because he wanted to watch TV but my vaping bothers him so much. He hasn't complained previously and was being very supportive, does anyone have any suggestions.

He does have a cough cold thing at the minute maybe that is part of the issue.

I use to smoke normal cigarettes outside but I admit I vape indoors, do I have to resign myself to being a garden vapour, which kind of makes me question why I am going to the trouble of vaping instead of smoking....

Where do you vape? Indoors, outside?

Allergictoironing Mon 09-Mar-15 07:51:20

which kind of makes me question why I am going to the trouble of vaping instead of smoking

Smoking is incredibly harmful to health whereas vaping (though not guaranteed 100% non-harmful) definitely eliminates the main dangers of smoking. So that's one very good reason why you have replaced smoking by vaping!

If he'd been having a problem from day 1 I would be thinking along the lines of him possibly having a sensitivity to PG vapour, however it does sound a bit like it could be his current cough that's the problem. I would be careful & not vape near him as long as the cough continues, then try slowly reintroducing it & see what happens once he's well.

BloominNora Mon 09-Mar-15 07:56:07

*which kind of makes me question why I am going to the trouble of vaping instead of smoking*

You'be already answered this in your OP:

I have been vaping exclusively for the last three months and am loving it, I feel fitter, healthier and very chuffed to have kicked the stickies

If you feel so good about it why would you go back to smoking just because you DH would prefer you to vape outdoors? confused

PolterGoose Mon 09-Mar-15 13:50:33

Both me and DP vape but some of his juices make me cough and make my eyes water. Maybe try a more subtle flavour juice and a higher PG concentration to reduce vapour.

toastyarmadillo Mon 09-Mar-15 17:22:12

I wouldn't really go back to smoking I was just feeling so fed up. Am I wrong in thinking the vapour I exhale is suppose to be harmless water vapour, at which point I just don't understand it effecting him. I think I am feeling a bit persecuted just like when I was smoking and people moaned about it.

Do you all vape indoors, I might go with vaping in the garden again, at least it's nearly spring.

PolterGoose Mon 09-Mar-15 17:33:19

What you exhale is mostly water vapour but it will carry a small concentrarion of the juice ingredients, so it's very possible to be affected by it, as I am by some of dp's juices. It does disperse quickly though, so perhaps just pop to another room to vape?

OddBoots Mon 09-Mar-15 17:45:52

What is released by the unit and what you exhale are more than water vapour, it still isn't clear if what is released is harmful or not but it is more than water.

At the very least it will contain propylene glycol which is what theatres use for smoke machines, some people are sensitive to that although if it was found to cause significant harm it wouldn't still be in use.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Mon 09-Mar-15 19:28:46

The best evidence we have of the risks of second hand vapour exposure is this study which concludes that exposure to bystanders poses such low risks that it's 'of no apparent concern'.

It's not just water vapour though and like anything else in the environment, some people can be sensitive to certain ingredients. If something in your vapour is genuinely making him cough I'd be looking at the flavouring as the most likely culprit. I can't vape certain fruit flavours because they make my mouth swell.

I wouldn't push it while he's feeling poorly. Take it into another room for now and see whether it still bothers him. As Polter says, it doesn't hang around for long, so unless you are using something yummy like extra strong menthol bacon it's unlikely to be a problem.

I vape indoors. I live with two other vapers so it's not an issue. I don't like DH vaping blueberry near me as I find the smell increasingly sickly the more I smell it. Meanwhile I binned one flavour (can't even remember what it was) because DH said it made me smell like 'a pissy tramp' blush It might be worth trying to work out if it's a particular flavour he doesn't like the smell of, or that is irritating him. Wait til he's feeling better though.

The trouble with only being able to vape outside is that vaping works best as a little-and-often thing, especially in the early days - a couple of drags every 10-15 minutes, as opposed to a 5 minute extreme hoover every hour or two like you'd do if you were smoking.

What's the background here? Is he a non-smoker? How did he feel about you smoking before you switched? You say he was supportive but was he perhaps thinking that you'd vape for a bit and then stop?

PlentyOfPubeGardens Mon 09-Mar-15 19:31:22

I feel fitter, healthier and very chuffed to have kicked the stickies

Forgot to say - well done and never forget why you switched. Three months is brilliant! flowers

toastyarmadillo Wed 11-Mar-15 05:56:08

He's a non smoker and has never smoked. He hated me smoking stickies and I only smoked those outside. I think it's really because he's feeling crappy at the minute, if I smoke in the kitchen it doesn't bother him it turns out. Think I will just avoid vaping in the lounge for a bit, and shuffle flavours as well just in case.

velouria Sun 17-May-15 22:06:01

I must admit, although I vape, my ex vapes and makes his own juices, they stink to high heaven to me and I do object to it :S I wouldn't like to live with a person who was making such a stink constantly tbh

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