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I've just bought this starter kit - what else do I need....

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ClashCityRocker Sun 18-Jan-15 12:37:04

So, I am a new vaper and have purchased this starter kit:

Will hopefully receive it early this week.

What else will I need?

I understand the coils will need replacing - how often, typically? And where's best to get them from? Do I have to stick with the ones from this site?

What about the bit you put the liquid in? Do you need a different bit for each flavour, or do you just wash it out?

Sorry for stupid questions.

nhsworker15 Sun 18-Jan-15 12:39:53


Totally wicked are quite expensive, I use vape escape mostly. I haven't used those tanks, so not sure whether other atties will fit them. Typically I rewick every couple of weeks, but depends on what juice I'm using.

Allergictoironing Sun 18-Jan-15 12:59:48

Depending on how much you currently smoke, and which strength you bought, the 10ml of liquid that comes with this kit is unlikely to last more than a week & probably less. So you may want to have a look around & get some more on order asap that won't cost you anywhere near as much as TW!

Regarding the tank & atomiser, I would suggest that as soon as you're sure vaping is for you that you buy a couple of standard brand tanks you can be sure of getting replacement coils for quickly & cheaply. Have a look around on the other threads here for suggestions - everything from cheapo to top of the range!

I notice the kit comes with a couple of spare coils, which is good. To stretch the life of the units I clean my atomiser units every week or so, and have ones that have lasted a good couple of months like that smile. Though the tank itself can be just rinsed out between different flavours, some people like to clean the wick when changing. this depends very much on the flavours you're changing from/to, and your own personal taste grin

ClashCityRocker Sun 18-Jan-15 13:04:04

Thanks, I've ordered some more e-liquid.

It all seems quite complicated but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it!

CarmelasFridge Sun 18-Jan-15 13:12:50

Get another battery for when that one's charging.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Sun 18-Jan-15 13:19:10

Coils last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. You'll know it's time to change it when you start getting a lot less vapour or flavour or if it tastes burnt.

Looks like that kit comes with juice, which did you choose (and what strength)? 10ml should last about 4-5 days in those clearos - enough to see if vaping will suit you but if it does you'll need some more very soon.

I'd say the next thing to get is a spare battery. Your kit only comes with one and you'll want another to use while that one's charging. The one on your kit is 650mAh and should last about 6 hours between charges. If you can afford it, get a higher mAh rating for your second battery, or you might want to get a variable voltage battery which allows you to crank up the power for a bit more vapour. I like MyEpack for kit, they're a lot better value than Totally Wicked.

ClashCityRocker Sun 18-Jan-15 13:46:33

Cheers all.

You're right, TW does seem a bit on the dear side.

Will give it a bash - so, if I take to it, can I replace the tank and use different cheaper coils?

I have ordered eighty mils of liquid in various flavours, so should keep me going til I find my feet!

PolterGoose Sun 18-Jan-15 14:15:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Sun 18-Jan-15 14:22:44

I ordered a kit for a friend a couple of months ago and it arrived next day. I know they had a few problems last summer with customer services but afaik they've sorted it now.

PolterGoose Sun 18-Jan-15 14:44:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Sun 18-Jan-15 14:50:06

oh - doesn't sound good.

Allergictoironing Sun 18-Jan-15 15:59:16

I got my iStick there early December & all was fine?

PolterGoose Sun 18-Jan-15 16:08:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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