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Can any of you nest of vapers help hanamodz shorted

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HatieKopkinsgob Fri 16-Jan-15 18:53:09

Hana modz battery DNA 30 keeps displaying shorted,I've googled and I've watched stuff on YouTube but yet to find the answer to this one.
It worked fine with the nautilus mini tank, until I took the tank off to refill it I tried to mix and match with VTR istick aspire BDC, since my fiddling with it I'm getting this shorted message I've unscrewed the battery panel and it's making connections the battery has power and works in the VTR.
any tips?
other than stop taking things apart blush

WenstonMum Sun 15-Feb-15 08:47:27

I ask first what did you vape for? For me, it is for fun and tobacco alternative. If it troubles me much, I just simply change another one. I'm not a cloud chaser or flavor geek, so I do not bother around how these device works. If a broken case happens to me, I just skip it.

ginmakesitallok Sun 15-Feb-15 08:51:41

Well that was helpful wenstonmum?

Hatie, might be worth asking this on a forum like aaec where folk know their stuff about batteries.

PolterGoose Sun 15-Feb-15 09:02:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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