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Fab xmas thanks to vaping

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Mrsstevejones Fri 26-Dec-14 10:05:08

Merry xmas everyone, just thought i would share my good news.

I NEVER smoke in front of ANY of my family, never have. This leads to lots of trying to swallow nicotine induced rage and constant clock watching to see how long it is until i can leave and have a fag. I gave up for a few years and xmases were much more enjoyable - no getting annoyed by my dad just being himself and feeling sorry for myself all caused by nicotine depriavtion!

I was able to have a drink or two and kept my e cig on me and had a cheeky vape in the bathroom. This xmas was much nicer and its all down to vaping! It just gets better and better.

Also bought cherry juice and yummers - dont even like cherries very much.

Quick question if anyone can help: I bought a glass protank mini- i think but when i have a draw using my vapouriz tank bater it seems really airy and whistles unless i draw really slowly - is this normal??? I replaced the atomiser bit with a new one as i had seen advised on here and it still does it, any advice or is this normal?????

I have ordered a ileaf from fasttech so just hoping that this will sort the problem.

On a side note i had a cigalike in my bag and had a cheeky puff on that - uurrgghhh, the difference a better bit of kit makes! Cant wait for my fasttech order to arrive!

magimedi Fri 26-Dec-14 11:50:15

The whistling can be a bit of liquid - try unscrewing the bettery & drying the top connection of it with a tissue & also the bottom, exposed bit of the tank.

Hooray for vaping!

NatalieHarding21 Fri 26-Dec-14 19:30:12

Although i totally understand the relief of quitting and the occassional use of vapour e cigs i did experience a problem with them about 2 years ago which was my chest started to hurt regualrly and when i stopped the pain went, has this or any similar symptoms occurred to anyone else?

Mrsstevejones Fri 26-Dec-14 19:50:01

Thanks magimedi will give that a try. It doesnt happen with my ce4 plastic clearo

Allergictoironing Sat 27-Dec-14 08:36:53

Hi Natalie. It could be that you had a bit of a reaction to the PG in the liquid, some people can be sensitive to that. The other possible aspect is which brand of liquid/cartomiser you were using - some far eastern made liquids have been found to have a bit of contamination.

WenstonMum Sun 04-Jan-15 07:37:02

First, it is a shame that you gave up smoking a few years and started to smoke again...I think it is irrational that you owe this fault to nictine addiction; Second, glad to hear you grab an e-cig...Protank is also on my using list; Third, why don't you try subohm? Atlantis, Subtank, etc. Just personal suggestion, no offense.

Mrsstevejones Sun 04-Jan-15 17:12:44

Yes it is a shame i started smoking again. i could kick myself for being so stupid.

You are right it probably isnt nicotine addiction after so long but fags were my crutch, i have smoked since my teens. I was able to have a few or smoke for a short time and give up no bother. Then without even realising it i couldnt just quit any more. I am not sure if it because i am weak or what but i have always struggled to give up smoking and it nearly killed me to actually do it, i still dont know what was different that time. I was so proud of myself it was one of the most difficult things i have ever done, i think i just got complacent.

I am hoping to use an e cig to reduce my nicotine addiction with the aim of totally quitting within the year. I have already cut down from 18% to 12% juice. This seems the best of a bad lot at the mo. Then i will have tattooed on my forehead - i cant have even one as its a slippery slope.

I too always thought people who gave up for a number of years and then started again were idiots! Hey ho!

Mrsstevejones Sun 04-Jan-15 17:13:59

ps i just bought an eleaf, lots of vapour but having a problem with it tasting burnt.... any clues as to what i am doing wrong????

Allergictoironing Sun 04-Jan-15 23:03:06

Try turning the voltage down a bit - I've noticed mine seems to need a slightly lower voltage than other batteries like the Vision Spinners (both types), the iMOW, the iPOW & the Ego c-twist....

PolterGoose Mon 05-Jan-15 14:47:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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