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new to vaping and loving it .. thanks to you guys

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Mrsstevejones Wed 17-Dec-14 20:18:11

Hi all, last week a vaping thread came up on active topics and then a day or so later i saw a starter kit in my newsagent and i bit the bullet and went for it.

I officially gave up fags five years ago but sporadically smoked, recently i have been more on than off. I have smoked continuously for 4 months only 10 a day but i am back to being a smoker - sigh.

I have smoked for 20 or so years.

I bought a vapouriz tank starter kit with a 1.8% apple juice and its fab. I have a few questions if anyone can help....

The replacement bits on the website are pricey but i have seen similar bits on amazon. Can i buy a ce4 clearomizer - will it fit, does anyone know any reputable suppliers?

I have read some of the threads and have bought another battery, clearomiser and another flavour juice.

It doesnt give off as much smoke as a drag in a fag, is this normal, can i change this with a different e cig?

I do want to give up again but i find i am vaping ALOT as i can do it in the house etc. Does anyone have any advice how to quit??? without going cold turkey.

I get the rage when nicotine deprieved and turn into a utter cow for two weeks and with kids i cant inflict that on them. I also get very fat as i eat everything!

I already feel better and dont stink and worry less about my health. My hubby is happier and i have less guilt so a massive thank you to everyone.

Thanks in advance

Allergictoironing Thu 18-Dec-14 08:06:54

Firstly YAY! and well done

Vapouriz do decent quality kit, and their liquids are UK made (I've seen the lab reports). They use the standard ego fitting on all their batteries, which means any CE4 clearo - or any clearo that says ego or 510 fitting - should fit fine.

However you probably want to be thinking of using a tank with a replaceable atomiser unit as that works out cheaper, as you're not having to replace the body each time. The most common basic level replaceable bottom coil clearo is the GS-H2; the cheapest reliable place we've found to date is e-cigs88 on e-bay - but they seem to be AWOL at the mo. Klaudo always has a range of tanks & kits, MT3s are very similar to the GS-H2 and tank the same coil; plus he does the old CE4s too.

PolterGoose Thu 18-Dec-14 11:42:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mrsstevejones Thu 18-Dec-14 15:43:33

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Just bought a pro tank and replaceable coils so that will hopefully help keep costs down.

There is so much stuff i could buy - so far its not much cheaper than fags lol.

A tobacconist in town does a small selection of kit and they had the something curve - a big hand held vaper and i wanted it so bad but £40 on top of what i have already spent was a step too far! However i have a birthday coming up not long after xmas so might have to treat myself then but vapouriz starter set is doing the biz for now.

Just bought my mum a kit for her birthday present as a 40 a day smoker i hope it will help her cut down - i am evangelical about it already and its only been a week.

Saw my first fellow vaper in town today and was trying to checkout her kit!

Thanks again

PolterGoose Thu 18-Dec-14 15:58:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mrsstevejones Thu 18-Dec-14 19:51:34

ohhh really???............ now £21 i could justify. In my head its the equivalent of 4.5 days of ready mades - obv thats not inc everything else i have spent this week, currently i am not in credit but must be a tiny bit healthier by now!

Would the pro tank i have just ordered fit? I am new to this and it all seems a bit techy but hopefully it will all make sense when i see it!

Wont be here for ages though.

PolterGoose Thu 18-Dec-14 19:55:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WenstonMum Sun 04-Jan-15 07:57:53

Vaping is a much comlicated thing. As far as my knowledge, the coil inside and the desity of juice and the battery, vottage, wattage thing all matters! I suggest you using a starter kit at first, like vapeonly vcat, cheap as chips, and nice design, quite a good load of vapor can generate!

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