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Do I need a new e cig?

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AWholeLottaNosy Sat 22-Nov-14 00:41:03

I've had it for over a year now and even when it's fully charged I'm not getting the same amount of drag on it as I used to. Do I need a new one or is there just a bit of it I need to change? Am on 24mg of liquid so it's not that. Help!

Allergictoironing Sat 22-Nov-14 01:06:16

You've done well with the battery lasting over a year - about 6 months is a reasonable life for a battery! What type is it? the refillable ones have a coil in the tank which burns out eventually as well, in as little as a couple of weeks sometimes.

magimedi Sat 22-Nov-14 11:38:22

Agree with Allergic. Time for a new battery.

I gather that 6/9 months is a good life for batterries. I've got quite a few (5 or 6 blush ) and I do rotate them so they last a long time.

(I like different colours for different days!)

Mel0Drama Sat 22-Nov-14 12:24:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magimedi Sat 22-Nov-14 13:22:28

Mel - I saw that Plenty reccomended this:

as a good, cheap starter kit. All you will need is some liquid.

If you have a local independent vape shop go along there. They will be happy to help you & will let you try a few flavours.

It seems impenetrable when you start vaping, but once you've got going it is so easy.

Come back if you want more hlep.

Mel0Drama Sat 22-Nov-14 15:07:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose Sat 22-Nov-14 15:32:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jimblewimble Sat 27-Dec-14 10:36:39

If you are going through the 10 quid types every week or so. You should loon at getting something like this.

It'll last longer and perform better.

Ledare Sat 27-Dec-14 21:10:15

Great recommendations from Polter although I would add the Vamo V5 as it has separate and not integral batteries.

You'll save lots of money once you've found what suits you, I promise smile

WenstonMum Sun 04-Jan-15 07:26:21

What kind of e-cig are you using now? And you still use it as your alternative? Or you just want to enjoy a good vaping/taste?

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