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Grants vanilla custard on sale just now.

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Shonajay Fri 03-Oct-14 09:06:19

In case anyone else addicted like me.

ditavonteesed Fri 03-Oct-14 09:07:32

where? have never tried it but judging by the responses it seems to get on here I feel I should!

Shonajay Fri 03-Oct-14 11:51:19

It usually sells out fast so be quick.

ditavonteesed Fri 03-Oct-14 17:21:51

ordered 50ml so I hope its as good as you say. smile

Shonajay Sat 04-Oct-14 15:57:23

Well I've tried about eight custards, and to me it is by far the best- seriously if you don't like it and its 18mg I shall buy it from you if you like.

ditavonteesed Mon 06-Oct-14 20:04:23

well its here, just cleaning out a clearo to give it a go.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Thu 30-Oct-14 18:19:57

New batch on sale tomorrow, 9am smile

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