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can you help with a questionnaire?

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valleygirl Fri 04-Jul-03 10:46:25


Since I tend to use the step-parenting thread most often I thought I'd abuse the system and ask if anyone had 5 minutes to fill in a questionnaire I have as part of my business course - my business plan is to open a children's bookshop with cafe, but with the added attraction of a children's area dedicated to keeping kids amused and busy so mums can enjoy some peace and quite, ot to meet up with friends and have grown up conversation

could you spare 5 minutes?
if so please e-mail me at
i just need 8 or so more respondents.
many thanks

Boe Fri 04-Jul-03 12:31:25

Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh - will you read the kids nice books and have fairy lights and things - there was a meg ryan film and she had a book shop that had reading time each day and it looked lovely!! (Cannot remember the name of the film - but would love to have done something with my life)

valleygirl Fri 04-Jul-03 13:05:43

Hi Boe

How are things going with you and that nasty husband of yours? Hope you're doing Ok, and that things are progressing with the courts and getting your daughter back.

If you had 5 minutes to spare it would be great if you could help me out by filling in my questionnaire by e-mailing me.

I think there's a real niche for my idea - but I'm not QUITE the Meg Ryan type!!

klmward Mon 20-Oct-03 23:11:14

Hi Gwen,

Maybe you have given up on this idea - I have only recently signed on - hope I can help though sounds good!

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