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advice please, long rant!

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marne Thu 21-Jul-05 19:27:36

Having an argument with dh,
Wast ham are playing football at our local club next week and he wanted to take his ds, he asked me a few weeks ago if he could take him but it landed on a day i was working, i couldnt get out of work as i was covering someone elses shift as they had to go to a hen party, anyway dh aranged for his ds to go with his older brother.
I found out today that my freind isnt going to the hen party so i dont have to work, dh is going mad as his ex is bringing his dd over which meens his ds will find out im not working and that dh could of taken ds to the football, we cant aford to buy anoyher ticket for dh as we have bought 2 for ds and his brother, dh is woried his ds will be upset if he finds out im not working and dh could of gone. What can i say to stop dh moaning?

forgot to say dh cant go if im at work as he has to look after our dd as she wont go with anybody else,
sory for the rant, hope you can understand it.

Mytwopenceworth Thu 21-Jul-05 19:43:39

if you bought the ticket for db, could you not explain the situation and say i can take him now can i have the ticket please? sorry for messing you about, i will buy you a ticket to another game to make up for it??

marne Thu 21-Jul-05 19:56:45

dont think we can his db is 17 and realy wants to go, dh bought him the ticket as a birthday present.

Mytwopenceworth Thu 21-Jul-05 20:49:34

then maybe sell it (the idea i mean) to his son as a lovely treat with uncle then a pitstop for a coke and an hour in the wacky warehouse with dad? make it a fun day with involvement from everyone?

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