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Unusual situation, anyone else similar?

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Lizita Fri 01-Jul-05 19:05:50

hi everyone. I haven't yet come across anyone in a similar situation to me. I got together with my current dp a month before I found out I was pregnant (with someone else's child). My dp has stuck with me ever since (my dd is now nearly 2 years old) which is amazing. We don't live together and he isn't playing "father" but we do want a future together, just taking it slowly, as with any relationship, and will do all that when we're both ready. We don't have the problems most step-families do - he has been able to bond with my dd from the beginning, the fact that her father lives on the other side of the world making it even easier! (though it was VERY hard at the beginning, because unlike with other situations, the first 7 months of our relationship didn't include my dd (other than my pregnancy)). Hope that makes sense... is anyone else in a similar situation? No particular advice needed or anything, would just like to share experiences & difficulties & good stuff too!

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