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anyone got a court order?

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wickedstepmummy Mon 26-Oct-09 13:24:08


I'm looking for some advice, trying to get my ducks in a row.

If a court order says:

1. "a person will pay school fees and extras"... does that include university fees? And if it does, what 'extras' could be seen as reasonable?

2. "shall pay periodical payments of £££ per month until they attain the age of 17 or cease full time education whichever is the later or further order".... does that include tertiary education? And if it does, would that be on top of the fees (mentioned in 1)

3. "shall pay the petitioner £££ per month during joint lives or further order".... Would that stop when the youngest child reached 17? And, if not, how easy would it be for him to get a new court order / variation to stop it?

Will also try and post this in the legal section.

Any advice is welcomed, I need to get m head around this.

pleasechange Mon 26-Oct-09 13:26:00

no idea sorry - sounds like somebody got a good deal though!

colditz Mon 26-Oct-09 13:34:38

It normally means you have to pay until a child is 19 regardless of what sort of education they are in.

17 is no age to be supporting yourself.

wickedstepmummy Mon 26-Oct-09 13:49:29

Why 19 though?

They wouldn't be out of university by then.

I'm surprised it says 17 (would have expected 18 or 21)...

ChocHobNob Mon 26-Oct-09 17:56:29

With regards to the CSA, child support stops at 16 if the child gets a full time job and/or marries.

It ends on the person's 19th birthday at the very latest. I think because that is when a Parent With Care has child benefit paid until.

CSA child support payments do not include tertiary (university) education, only "non advanced further education" which includes :

* GCE / GCSE - A level / AS level / O level
* SCE Higher Grade or equivalent
* GNVQ / NVQ levels 1 2 & 3
* BTEC National Diploma
* SCOTVEC National Certificate
* Scottish Certificate of 6th Year Studies
* Foundation Arts Course
* Secretarial Course with GCSE entry
* Hairdressing Courses

I'm not sure with regards to the wording on the court order though.

But it sounds like tertiary education wouldn't be included as the court order states it ends when the child hits 17.

Sushiqueen Tue 27-Oct-09 09:08:51

Point 1 - I would have thought that this would cover school uniform, clubs which are billed on the school bill, exam fees (as most private schools charge them). Basically anything whcih goes in the school bill and uniform. I would have thought you could also include school organised holidays. Though that may be open to a "discussion".

Point 2 - This would be child maintenance until 17 if they leave school after GCSE's. Or it carries on until they leave school after they take their A levels.

Point 3. This is the spousal maintenance. This continues until further notice or until another court order is made. Normally happens if the person receiving the maintenance remarries or lives with someone for more than 6 months.

They don't normally include payments for university unless you are in Scotland. Once they got to University it would be between the student and their parents to sort out any financial help.

Can you tell I have been through all this with my dh when he was finalising everything with his ex.

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