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Where Has Everyone Gone?

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SadSam Thu 26-May-05 16:13:25

I have been away for a while and just thought I would check up on my old buddies and say hi and was shocked to see that nobody seems to be talking on here anymore!

Where is everyone? Does nobody want to talk anymore? Where are you Squirrel, Tarantula, Reflection, LooptheLoop, Surfermum etc? I hope you are all okay?? Please let me know you are all fine and well.

This site has been a godsend to me as Im sure it has to many of you and will be gutted if the "Nutty Stepmums Club" goes to pot! So please let me know you are all okay and well and not been eaten by all the nasty BMs out there! Sam xx

tarantula Thu 26-May-05 16:15:36

Im here but no idea where everyone else is. Ive been on a course for a few days tho so havnet had a chance to log on much

SadSam Thu 26-May-05 16:22:16

Hi Tarantula, glad you're okay. I am worried about Squirrel, Reflection and the others as they don't seem to have been around for a while

Surfermum Thu 26-May-05 23:44:23

I haven't been on much as I've been busy with dd's 2nd birthday, and getting ready to go camping. Oh and I've had the mother and father of all hangovers due to drinking nearly a 3l box of wine on Saturday. We had a kitchen full of lifeguards and I got a bit carried away, egged on by the others - none of whom have children or responsibilities, and all of whom are much younger than me. It is clear that I will never learn . Anyway, thanks for asking SadSam. Hope you're OK too and hi everyone, will check in again after our trip.

squirrel3 Fri 27-May-05 09:01:44

Hello Sadsam, I'm Ok, Ive just been really busy. DD is about to have her baby anyday now, she is huge and its putting a lot of strain on her spine and hips (due to her disability) so I'm looking after her and DGS.

My Grandad has been poorly with all kinds of infections (as well as MRSA).

Also I have been revising and doing exams (passed another two!!!!)

DS passed his driving test!

I've also been having problems with my computer, been trying to sort it out but, it seems that a few files have been damaged, think it may be SS as he doesn't really know what he is doing and will just click anywhere on any messages that come up on the screen. Its really annoying as I need the computer to revise for my exams, I feel a complete system restore coming on! but... hey ho! the joys of step parenthood.

Thanks for asking though, how are things with you?
Hope you and your DP are getting to see your Step children.

SadSam Fri 27-May-05 13:25:47

Hi Surfermum and hi Squirrel, so glad you are both okay and still visiting the site!

Hope you have a lovely trip Surfermum and Im so jelous of you......... "a kitchen full of lifeguards" hmmmmmmm lovely thought he he he

Squirrel, Congratulations on passing another 2 exams and Im so pleased DS passed his driving test. I bet you cant wait for your impending "Grandmaness"? Sorry to hear your grandad is still poorly, I sometimes think you're safer at home, people just seem to get iller in hospital!

Im not too bad thanks, been through a really trying time with DP and BM, solicitors etc etc. Things seem to be calming down a bit now though, so fingers crossed, although he has missed a whole month of seeing his kids which has never happened before and he is gutted. Our solicitor recommended that he rings them every Thursday so that they get used to him ringing at the same time each week. Only prob is the first time he rang them they "werent available" so he rang same time next day and she said he couldnt speak to them as it wasnt Thursday.......... such a bitch!!! Still look on the bright side, our solicitor told her solicitor that DP doesnt wish to engage in any conversation with her whatsoever and this seems to be working so far!!! Gone 2 months without hearing form her now.........
Y E S!!! If we never hear from her again it will be too soon. We are £500 worse off, but well worth it to get her off our backs. She has agreed to certain weekend each month to give continuity which is okay while DP is on light duties but once he is back on shifts again this wont be possible so will have to be reviewed! I bet you she wont even get the kids a Fathers Day card to send DP this year, which will really gut him, but we are expecting it!

Are things getting better with you at home Squirrel?

Surfermum Tue 31-May-05 14:33:51

Keep a record SadSam of the phone calls you make and if you get through or not. We went through all this. BM had a phone line put in specifically for dh to phone his daughter, didn't put a phone on it - so it just rang and rang and didn't pay the bill so a couple of months later it was cut off. When they went to Court she said that he hadn't bothered phoning.

He gets to ring every Weds evening and if she's annoyed with him she'll not answer or leave it switched off - and then the same as you, if he tries the next evening he's told "it's not your night". If she does that dh writes to her instead.

Hope things continue to be more settled and that the solicitors can sort things out for you.

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