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grown up step children - how do I make this easy?

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thingsabittricky Tue 04-Aug-09 09:09:45

Help! My new DP is quite a bit older than me and his grown up kids (in their 20's) are only about 10 years younger than me. His DS lives with him and DD lives nearby. Both have boy/girlfriends.

DP divorced acrimoniously some years ago after his DW had an affair and the Dc's stayed living with DP.

i am soon to be introduced and am worried that DD in particular may not like me, having been 'daddy's girl' for a long time. She pops round often to borrow money etc. from DP. also they may be wary that I will hurt DP as they feel their mum did.

i am quite a shy person and would love to make a good start with them both. from what i know they sound lovely but i know i wont be able to dazzle them with my friendly outgoing personality (i dont have one grin!)

Any advice on what I can do to ease the process?

piscesmoon Tue 04-Aug-09 22:08:15

I wouldn't even try to dazzle them-they might not like it at all! I would be yourself and be prepared to take it very slowly. Don't expect instant results-be friendly and allow at least 6 months to feel you are getting anywhere.

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