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Fun free things to do with week's holiday ideas please

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guaranagal Tue 14-Jul-09 22:04:55

Hi All

Got a week's holiday coming up and got to entertain DSS for a whole 9 days on a budget of £100 maximum - less if possible.

We want to think of a fun thing each day to do.

DSS is 6.

Our ideas so far:

Go to beach for the day (could do this on 2 days) (just the cost of ice creams!)

Go to the lido for the day (if there is a really hot day) (£12 family ticket)

Go camping for a night on a friend's farm (free)

Go swimming (£8 family ticket)

Ummm... that's about all I've thought of so far. We live in a tiny flat although it has a communal garden.

We want to give DSS a great time as we only have one week off this summer and he will be at his BM's the rest of the time and she will basically ignore him.

He is not too keen on anything arty or crafty- will basically pay attention for 5 mins when shouted at, and then wander off or moan.

Thanks for all your suggestions in advance

prettyfly1 Wed 15-Jul-09 10:35:11

I think all your ideas are good. Parks nearby? Building a fort in the flat if its rainy or in the communal garden if not. Are there any activity groups on for the kids through the school hols - these are normally really quite cheap? Does he like to cook? Can he skateboard or bmx - is there a skate park nearby?

Haribosmummy Wed 15-Jul-09 12:30:03

Bike ride
Country / nature trail
Treasure hunt
Make your own pizza (you know, where you get the base and make your own topping in the shape of a face or something??)
Sleepover with a friend

That's all I can think of just now... will post again if I think of more.

Haribosmummy Thu 16-Jul-09 21:12:20

Also, try your local llibrary - ours do story time which would be suitable for 6YOs.

That's a nice activity and it's free! smile

Lilyloo Thu 16-Jul-09 21:18:15

Check out your local museums , fab one near us and is free

Definately a cinema day for rainy day. Make tickets , buy popcorn etc hire dvd's our local blockbuster does family dvd's for 50p

Make tea for everyone day.

Treasure hunt , making clues and prizes takes up more time than doing hunt grin

Have you got your local council summer activity list ? Have booked a few days for mine at £1 a child.

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