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My Stepdad wants to adopt me

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Fio2 Wed 18-May-05 08:59:28

he rang me last night and said he wants to marry my mum and adopt me and that he loves me and my children very much. Was so out of charachter for him, but after my Dads behaviour yesterday I can see why he said it. He said my "Father" doesn't deserve me and he doesn't know what he is missing. He said he would feel sick to the stomach if my children ever called my real dad grandad has he doesnt deserve it and he is not worthy of them. So overwhelmed, has restored my faith in people

bet you all think i am barmy now, but I thought you stepparents should know hoiw important you become

obviously i dont think he will be signing any adoption papers at my age but its the gesture of the thought

Frizbe Wed 18-May-05 09:00:32

Awww Fio2 that's lovely, its nice to know we're not as evil as we're made out to be

edam Wed 18-May-05 09:06:30

how lovely is that! bless him - and bless you.

Hausfrau Wed 18-May-05 09:07:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stitch Wed 18-May-05 09:09:39

i think youre lucky to have someone like that.

anorak Wed 18-May-05 09:31:11

Ah Fio... I have tears in my eyes.

I know my dh is the only real father my daughters have ever had and it's my dream to see them one day ask him to give them away at their weddings.

I know it would mean everything to him.

coppertop Wed 18-May-05 09:37:16

He sounds so lovely, bless him.

<wipes away a tear>

OliviaGrace Wed 18-May-05 10:56:28

aww fio, thats so lovely! congratulations! when are u going to sign?

squirrel3 Wed 18-May-05 13:12:57

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