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Why is it one rule for the Step Kids and another for mine?

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squirrel3 Tue 10-May-05 08:53:47

Why does my DP have one rule for his kids and another for mine?

We were shopping yesterday evening and my DS had asked me to get him a different shampoo as he thinks he might be allergic to the one we use so I picked it up, DP asked why so I told him, he replied that be begrudged paying for a separate shampoo for him and DS should use the 'family' one! I pointed out that his kids always get whatever they want and my DS is working and he pays a good amount for housekeeping and he should have a separate shampoo if he is allergic to the one we are currently using.

I am always buying special things for the Skids, SS has to have a certain hair gel and uses so much that I swear that if you hit him over the head with a mallet (which I feel like doing quite frequently) he wouldn't feel a thing as the gel would 'protect' him

DP walked out of the supermarket, hasn’t talked to me since and slept in the spare room,....

Which is a shame because before the row I really fancied him and was going to take him home and....

Well.... you know....

Now I'm P-ed off with him and frustrated!!!!!

Easy Tue 10-May-05 09:33:25

Hmmmm. Is there something else bothering him, and he's using the shampoo as a reason to get at you?

tarantula Tue 10-May-05 09:50:09

Oh Squirrel Do you think all the pressure with ss is hitting him and he is taking it out on you in petty ways like this?? Obviously he is being out of order but hopefully hell calm down and apologise and you can point out to him just how out of order he is being. Its such a difficult situation isnt it.

QueenEagle Tue 10-May-05 10:29:55

Seems perfectly reasonable to me that your ds should have the shampoo, especially as he's paying you board and more so probably that he is allergic to it.

I agree that perhaps this is not the real issue with your dp, but he's using it to trigger off an argument to enable him to bring up what's really bothering him??

squirrel3 Tue 10-May-05 13:17:59

DP just txed me and appologised! He said quote "Ok maybe I was wrong, THERE I SAID IT!!"

Think that you are all right, he is stressed about problems with SS and taking it out on me.

Maybe I'll....

you know......

'Make up' with him when he comes home from work.

tarantula Tue 10-May-05 13:45:58

Sounds like a good idea to me.

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