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First holiday ....bit anxious!

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Nelli29 Mon 25-Apr-05 11:13:27

My dh and sd are due to go on holiday in a couple of weeks for the first time, and I am very nervous about it. My dh family live abroad so it will be the first time they have seen sd in 7 months so obviously will be excited, but I can't help feeling so on the outside when we all get together. Its like they try so hard with me which is nice, and involve me in everything almost pretending like I am sd mother, but the fact is I'm not and it ends up making me feel worse.
It will be lovely for my dh as its the first time we have been 'allowed' to take sd away, and I'm sure I'm worrying over nothing but just needed to get rid of some of these thoughts on MN - Thanks Nelli x

SadSam Mon 25-Apr-05 21:43:19

Hi Nellie, im sure it will be fine. Once you get there and you know that BM is nowhere near, Im sure you will totally relax and unwind. I think it is wonderful that you are happy to take SD away with you and DH and BM should be very grateful.

DP and I took skids away 2 years ago but we only stayed in a caravan for a few days. It was lovely though and skids really enjoyed it. I am quite happy to take my skids away on holiday, but where I want, when I want and where we can afford. BM however, has other ideas and thinks it prudent to dictate to us where we are taking the kids this year, namely Disneyland Florida!!! We genuinely cannot afford it so are just waiting for the abuse to be hurled at us when we tell her!!!

Im sure you will have a fantastic time. Your DH and SD are very lucky to have you! x

LooptheLoop Tue 26-Apr-05 09:50:14

Hi - I'm sure it will be fine but I can understand why you're a bit nervous. Does your DH know you feel like this?

But I love SadSam's comment re no BM! At least that's one upside!

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