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Squirrel what a crazy time...

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reflection Wed 20-Apr-05 17:01:08

I have just been around the MN sites and read your various threads and I think that you need some good Karma.


reflection Wed 20-Apr-05 17:45:42

If we all send happy smileys maybe some of them will make their way to squirrel. Worth a try?

RTKangaMummy Wed 20-Apr-05 18:15:38

What is happening?

Nelli29 Thu 21-Apr-05 08:53:06

Keep smiling squirrel - if your bm is anything like mine she runs on about a 4-6 week cycle with week 3 completely losing her mind and being completely unreasonable and not happy again until she has upset everyone!! So things will start to get better for a while - keep posting on hear with all your fustrations, we are all here for you xxx

beansprout Thu 21-Apr-05 08:54:28

Squirrel - groovy good karma vibes to you. Hang on in there

squirrel3 Thu 21-Apr-05 12:13:44

Thank you, I'm so touched...

I saw this thread this morning and I wasn't 'brave' enough to look at it until now...

I knew that I would land up in floods of tears...

Thank you. {hugs to all of you}

tarantula Thu 21-Apr-05 12:27:57

Jsut spotted this. Keeping hanging in there Squirrel

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