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Happy stepmum

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wild Mon 18-Apr-05 13:35:34

I have known my dsson for a few years now and he is a lot more relaxed with me than he used to be, I love him dearly but it's always been an odd relationship to label, he lives with his mum and I'm more like an aunt/friend/big sister. I used to think he didn't want to show a lot of fondness of me as his first loyalty is of couse to mum. I have never trespassed on this, and I've always been friendly and polite with her and only ever said positive things about her. Anyway dp, ds and I picked him up from football training at the weekend and the opportunity arose for him to introduce us to the coach, I wondered how he was going to handle it and he said 'this is my family' I was so

otto Mon 18-Apr-05 14:16:38

That's really nice of him to do that. It's always a bit tricky trying to explain these situations to other people. My stepdaughter is 10 and people always assumes she is my daughter. We always joke about having t-shirts printed saying 'she's not my mum' and 'she's not my daughter'.

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