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just want to rant

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marie1979 Sun 08-Feb-09 18:48:18

hi i have a daughter and my ex has a gf, she slags me off sayin im not with my kids im always with my kids 24.7 apart frm when they are at school i have recently found out she is never with her kids wants everybody to look after hers she has spread rumours about me and tells everybody she shouts abuse at me when she sees me which she does not what is with that i dont even notice she is there when she and ex pick my child up oh yeh and p.s she has said my daughter is going to live with her and my ex when she is a bit older my daughter doesnt even like her i have never said to anbody or slaged her off that i dont like her i keep it to myslef

Amandoh Sun 08-Feb-09 22:35:47

Is your daughter aware of the things she is saying? If she is then she probably finds it upsetting. It might be a good idea to have a quiet word with your ex. Explain that these rumours are upsetting your daughter and that you think his GF is spreading them and could he ask her to stop for your daughter's sake.

I wouldn't get into a tit for tat situation with the new GF. To be honest, who she leaves her children with and how often is none of your business just as what you do with your children is none of hers. Ignore the rumours as best you can as getting cross about it won't make any difference.

If she and your ex are in a long term relationship the new GF needs to grow up and get to the bottom of why your daughter doesn't like her and then make a effort to rectify the problem. If they don't get on then the time your daughter spends with her father and her can't be much fun and that's not good for anyone. I wouldn't want my children spending time with someone they didn't like on a regular basis. In this instance, as she's his GF, it's inavoidable so needs sorting out.

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