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Nutty StepMums Club - Quiz Night!

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LooptheLoop Sun 03-Apr-05 22:22:06

Bit of fun - what's your most embarrassing moment with your Skids?

My top three are :

1. Losing one of the children the very first time I was left in charge of them

2. Finding out that the least hygienic one had been using my toothbrush for ages - he said he couldn't identify which one was his and just picked one at random. Yuckkk

3. In the early days finding out that all three boys had been listening outside the door when their Dad and I made love - and then coming in and proudly mimicking it to us (still makes me cringe today...)

squirrel3 Mon 04-Apr-05 10:56:08

Nothing really embarrassing has happened yet, although we did have a sort of embarrassing giggle last Wed evening, SD (9) was playing with a gun that shots out foam balls and kept she kept on ‘shooting’ me I somehow managed to ‘catch’ the ball in my cleavage every time!!! SS (13) found this hilarious; SD swears she wasn’t aiming for them!!!

The most embarrassing thing happened to DP when he had only just moved in and my DS (then 15) was just getting used to having a man around, we had opened a bottle of wine, DP and I had a glass (or two), DP had just had a bath and was in his dressing gown relaxing on the sofa, I poured him another glass of wine and as he leaned over to pick it up he somehow (to much vino) managed to fall off the sofa landing on his front, unfortunately his dressing gown had flown up to reveal his naked bottom in all its glory!!!!! DS looked horrified and screamed “Arrrgh!, I can see his bum!!” DP said “Look, I didn’t spill my wine!!!” I just PMSL!!!!!!

squirrel3 Thu 14-Apr-05 10:18:13

Thought this thread deserved a bump.

There must be loads of embarassing stories involving Skids, come on girls, spill, don't be embarrased your amongst friends!!!

SadSam Thu 14-Apr-05 11:53:05

Soz squirrel go no embarrassing moments...... yet, but im sure there will be one or two in the future. Weve got skids this weekend so perhaps something will come out of that!

wild Thu 14-Apr-05 11:56:25

playing badminton with dss and friends, snapping my Achlles tendon and having to be carried out of the sports centre in an ambulance
Dss thoughtfully gave me his baseball cap and found some sunglasses as a disguise

squirrel3 Thu 14-Apr-05 12:01:50

Lol Wild ,

but also ouch!!!

Thats it keep 'em coming girls!

SadSam Fri 15-Apr-05 09:51:07

Erm I had a conversation with my DP on the phone for about 10 minutes once only to realise that it was 16 year old ss. They sound so alike. Good job I didnt say anything dirty to him wasnt it? lol - Does that count Squirrel?

squirrel3 Fri 15-Apr-05 14:38:59


squirrel3 Sun 24-Apr-05 18:15:35

Just wanted to bump this thread as it seems we have some new-to-mumsnet stepmums out there (welcome everybody) There must be more embarrassing stories to tell!!

Also if any of you want to join the nutty stepmums club please do all nutty stepmums are more than welcome (see other thread, its a long read but its worth it!!!!

LooptheLoop Mon 25-Apr-05 16:30:58

Lol! But I still feel having the skids mimic me having sex means I remain the Queen of Embarrassment although I think Squirrel's husband's bum comes close!

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