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coffee/drinks/support group for stepmums

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KK100 Thu 20-Nov-08 11:07:40

Hi. Anyone know of, or interested, in a coffee group for stepparents? I live in NW London and keen to meet people who can share experiences and ideas, laugh and cry and just be there. smile

MrsParker Thu 20-Nov-08 13:08:56

Sounds lovely, but i live too far away!

starzzz Thu 20-Nov-08 16:46:42

i agree.. but im up north!

tory79 Thu 20-Nov-08 20:57:45

I would also be interested to hear - I am NE London

GirlySquare Sat 22-Nov-08 21:04:08

Me too, but I'm in the West Country

TheSeriousOne Sun 23-Nov-08 22:13:26

I'm interested - NW LONDON too...

frazzledali Sat 29-Nov-08 16:41:41

ooh, north east London here... but happy to travel!

ttc2yrs Sun 07-Dec-08 19:26:28

I think it's a great idea! but I'm surrey hmm

rowe Tue 30-Dec-08 18:22:07

That would be great but im in stoke area !!!

rach345 Sun 01-Feb-09 00:33:27

oh that would be such a good idea, but i am in the south west.. ugh!!!

SammyK Mon 02-Feb-09 21:08:34

Sounds like a good idea, your family information service should be able to to tell you if there is anything already set up in your area, if there isn't you could contact surestart/local children's centre and they may be able to accomadate you. Most do Dad and DC's sessions on a weekend - could have a step parent coffee morning on at the same time. grin

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