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advice please

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pandagirl03 Sun 27-Feb-05 18:53:23

i need advice is it me or not!!!!

my dp has a ds 2 1/2 and dd 12, we have them everyother weekend and i always pick them up on the fri around 5pm dp gets home at 11pm. Any way im feeling so low today and dunno what to do really. dp dd has done nothing but talk to me like sh*t all weekend and dp doesn't say a single word to her just stands there. if i say no she just says why then ask's dp if i say can you get dressed please she just totally ignores me. me and dp have been together nearly 2 yrs now but her attitude is just getting worse everytime she comes. how can i deal with it or is it just me???

Mosschops30 Sun 27-Feb-05 19:00:19

Message withdrawn

pandagirl03 Sun 27-Feb-05 19:15:53

thanks moss.

i agree with that totally. i think we do have different ideas on disapline, but saying that theres no excuse for the way she speaks to me. my dp says that he doesn't want to keep telling her off coz he only see's her every other weekend.

im gonna have a chat with dp tonight coz im feeling really low over this. dp will need to speak to his dd over this coz i cant take any more of it. dont get me wrong i love dp dd and ds very much i just dont like her attitude towards me and dont want my love to turn to resent because of this.

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