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Notsoseriousanymore Mon 22-Sep-08 16:14:00

Hi, How are you?

I was YCBS... Hope you and DS are OK.


wildfish Tue 30-Sep-08 09:28:45

Hi, presume the name change reflects a more positive position ?

We just hanging in there. Hanging in the balance for the next hearing end of October. Not sure how that will go.

Meanwhile solicitor bills ticks on up. Every minor communication is a disagreement and goes through the solicitor. everything! I now realise what profession I should have selected. grin

jammi Tue 30-Sep-08 09:44:47

Message withdrawn

wildfish Mon 13-Oct-08 09:20:36

Hi Jammi, yes there is going to have to be a point when I go myself. But like you said, at the moment having a solicitor in the loop feels good (if not the results). Its like having a cool head in between and a buffer too.

The two holiday arguments so far probably cost me 200-400 each. EACH! I mean with that money could have gone somewhere.

Trouble is it seems that she has got a source of funds and is using the lawyer to bully/outspend me.

I await the reporters report.

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