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complicated situation, 8 month pregnant, and very emotional

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islandlassie Thu 21-Aug-08 14:14:19

This could be a long one so i apologise in advance.

I'm 19, married my husband in june and we are expecting a child in september.

He's 28, has an unpleasant past and from that past he has two sons aged 8 and 10.

His ex wouldnt allow him to see the boys out of pure spite and did everything in her power to stop it happening (which she has recently addmited) but has now grown up about it and realised she has no right to stop a man seeing his sons.

Only problem is now, the social work are involved (both parents had big issues and mother has only just started to sort herself out) we are in a battle with the social work to get my husband the right to establish some contact. They seem to want to ignore the fact that his eldest (the one that remembers him, other was a bit too young) wants to see his dad and that mother is now happy for all this to happen. They ignore his calls, wont get back to him. They dont want to believe his life has changed.

It's so frustrating but apart from that I'm getting really down about the whole thing. I wish i could have given him his first child and i know that i can't and that is just a fact that i have to deal with and the fact that he has sons doesn't bother me as such. The closer i get to giving birth and the longer this all drags the more i get upset. I try to be there for him and he for me cos he knows i'm getting upset. I cant show him properly though because i dont want him to feel like he needs to leave his other kids behind for me.

I'm sorry i just felt very down today and needed to let it all out. Before anyone thinks any bad of us i know i seem young but we are in a stable relationship, stable life, jobs etc

Thanks and sorry

ElenorRigby Thu 21-Aug-08 19:27:01

At 8 months pregnant you really need to put your concerns for your DH's previous kids on the back burner, just for now.

It is not that they deserve less but at this point in time the stress of pregnancy and then a newborn, ime has to come first.

jammi Thu 21-Aug-08 20:52:53

Message withdrawn

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